Event: BDJ Box Beauty Soiree Holiday Polish

Last Saturday, BF and I went to Greenhills for two reasons; to do a little Christmas shopping and for me to attend an event which is the Beauty Soiree Holiday Polish prepared by no other than BDJ. Actually, my first schedule was really the event. It's a bonus I get to shop as well. ^.^

I always feel comfortable attending BDJ events because I know that I am always welcome and that there are really friendly Bellas out there who I can be friends with. BDJ is really close to my heart and really special because I always join their events even when I came all the way from Pampanga. That's how I love BDJ! ♥

I arrived at the venue around 1:40PM and verified my name at the registration at Serenitea, BTTC Center. I actually thought that the venue was inside Greenhills Shopping Center but I was wrong. I am not really familiar with the place. Good thing I got at the venue safe. It's just a few blocks away from the shopping center anyway. :)

There were early bellas already at the place. Good thing I managed to get a seat near the projector and near the speaker because I learned a lot from the talk. I especially need it because I am bad with nail art. I need to focus in learning it.

Some of the tools that we can use on our table.

Our speaker was Ninna Dujunco who's the blogger behind Nailing It Down. She was really pretty and she was really good in creating nail arts. I visited her blog and I want to copy some of her nail art designs. I will really study nail art designs come this Christmas vacation. :)

Here she was, telling us how to create the designs of different things associated with holiday like reindeer, snowman, snowflakes, penguin among others. I like that her presentation was very detailed on what to do first to what to do next. 

After the presentation, we were told to do our nail art designs. It may be inspired from what she just showed us or we can create our own. While doing so, they gave us some snacks courtesy of Serenitea. I had Cookies and Cream with pearls and the Pepper Tofu. It was such a yummy combo. You should try it too!

This is my seatmate Glenda. Hi girl! She was so busy doing her design. :)

Another bella from our table. Didn't got her name because she was seated from afar. Thanks for passing that white polish over. :)

Paula, who was on my other side was really good, like fantastically good in nail arts. She was a nail art enthusiasts that's why. She's a pro! She got an IG which was just solely about nail arts. 

Around 5pm, the event went to a close and I had the chance to get a photo with the speaker Miss Ninna and my seatmates. 

Me and Miss Ninna

Paula on the left, me and Glenda on the right

Cyrene. My teammate from the BDJ Scavenger Hunt and my schoolmate. We're on the same department as well! It's so happened that I'm way older than her. She's practice-teaching now and I'm teaching already. ^_^
 All bellas from the event received a mini loot bag from Revlon. Thanks! ♥

Loots from Revlon
I messed with my designs and had to fix it a little and so I had this. I know you'll laugh at me with my messy and not-so-pretty design but I really like it! This is my first time to do nail art and I feel that I'm NAILing it! I just need more practice. I know I'll do good soon with the right tools and the right time. I just need days of no work and I will practice from morning 'till night. Christmas vacation? I'll say YES to that! ^o^


What do you say with my nail art? I accept good or bad comments. Haha. I just can't help but laugh with my design as well. Hihi. But I find it cute though. 

Thank you BDJ for the wonderful and fun event. Hope you'll include me again in one of your future events. See yah! ♥ 


  1. Hi Theresa! You and Ninna look equally fresh and beautiful.

    I'd like to thank you for introducing me to the foot patches. It did work for me and at some point, I believe it helped me preventing those pre-menstrual cramps.

    1. Wow! That's a huge compliment sis. Haha :)

      Good to hear the patches helped you. Same here as well. Thanks for dropping by! ♥


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