Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

Remember my post regarding the Blogapalooza event? I received TONS of freebies that day that we (Jaycee and I) had a hard time going home from SM Aura to Pampanga. I am not complaining, rather I am thankful for the blessing I received that day! It was my first and it was waaaay to great I would attend more! 

Moving on, I got a set of Caronia's newest collection, Blue Moon from that event. The Blue Moon set is  special collection which they produced in partnership with Ballet Philippines. I was happy to receie the set because finally, I will be able to post NOTDs again after I stopped decades ago. (I'm exaggerating!) It's like Caronia is saying that I should continue my passion on nail painting. :)

The set includes, Chasse, Avant and the Bourree. I tried each shade so you will see all the colors from the collection. I bet those names were related to ballet. (I googled and I'm right!)

Bourree, Avant, Chasse

I am totally loving all colors in the collection. I was so excited that I tried all shade on my nails. 

Bourree is the first one I tried and I like that it's manageable to apply and doesn't create lumps. I actually continued using this shade on my toes. This is great to wear at work which won't shock my students so much. I prefer this kind of shades at work and I like to be a bit rebellious on the color sometimes. 

This is a little tricky to apply because there's a tendency that lumps are form. Avant though has a very nice shade of green that reminds me of Christmas tree. This color is very close to Christmas! ♥

My favorite among the collection though it was tricky to apply because I feel that the consistency is watery compared to the two above. Of course, given that this was just a regular polish, apart from the two which were Frosted. This is by far, the best blue color of nail polish I got ever since I started painting my nails. I sooooo love it!!! 

Would love to make more NOTD posts soon. I just hope I can squeeze it in my hectic teaching schedule now that I'm back to teach again tomorrow after a semestral break. Whew!

What do you think is the best shade in this entire collection? Share your thoughts here.
Xoxo ♥


  1. the blue shade reminds me of my first one from TFS =)

  2. My favorite is the blue one too!


  3. You remind me, I need to get new sets of nail arts & lacquers. My pick is the red one :) Have a good day!

    1. It's actually more on the orange-brownish shade. :)


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