Food Getaway: EBUN

Last week, BF and I visited Manila and went to Greenhills to attend the last Beauty Soiree from BDJ Box this year. We planned to be there early so we could tour Greenhills and do a little Christmas shopping together before I head to the event venue. We arrived at around 10am from Pampanga and had brunch. We went at EBUN in Promenade.

You will see the classic yet sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant with pictures hanged on the wall of some of the most popular personalities of our country. There were only few people that time since the mall just opened few minutes before we arrived.

Very Filipino appetizers and salad they had. We ordered Mango Salad. I actually want Chicharon Bulaklak but I just had that a week ago so I'll pass on that. 

BF want to have soup but he was tempted with his favorite so we had Kare Kare instead.

By the way, EBUN is the Kapampangan term for egg. I know because I know the language and I'm from Pampanga. I don't see any hint why the restaurant was named that way because their specialties didn't have an egg on their menu. So why is it called like that? I don't know.

We were served with banana chips while waiting for our orders. They're not really that crunchy. I even prefer the one I always buy during Sunday for only a couple of pesos. I like their dainty glass though. :)

Our Mango Salad arrived. The mango they used I think is carabao mango which really complemented the bagoong and other mixed ingredients like the onion, tomatoes and some herbs. 

Our main dish is the kare-kare's tail. BF's fave. I still need to practice cooking this dish before I'll get married so BF my hubby would be pleased. Haha. 

Some lemon ginger tea we had after the meal. That's a calamansi seed inside the cup.

Overall, I find EBUN to be quite expensive with a very normal taste. I was expecting some twist on the food served and even on the tea but I find it very normal for my palate. Knowing that BF and I regularly eat out, I find it just normal. I still like the service and very quick staff they had. Even without asking them, they immediately fill up the glass of water and tea. Very warm service. Thanks!

Food Getaway: EBUN
Location: Promenade Greenhills
Budget: P100-500

The day won't end without us having a selca.

Happy weekend! ♥

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  1. EBUN... hehehe taga pampanga din po ako gaya niyo ibig sabihin niyan diba egg hehehe natawa po ako sa pangalan unique!!! ang ganda pa ng lugar Filipino inspired ang tema :D


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