Review: Dial Coconut Water Body Wash and Glycerin Soap

Hi everyone. I am back again to blogging after being MIA the past week. Schedule's hectic, internet's slow and mind's occupied with so many, many things. I had the break I need and now I already got the energy to proceed. My reviews and blog posts were all delayed but I am thankful that I still have you readers who are there telling me to write again. Many, many thanks! You don't know how you made me happy! ^.^

Anyway, last month, I got my BDJ Box for October which had these amazing products I'm going to review today, the Dial Coconut Water Glycerin Soap and the Hydrating Body Wash. I actually had the same products before. I got the soap in my lootbag when I attended the BDJ Fair and I ordered my first Dial Body Wash from Sample Room a couple of months ago.


I am actually in love with the body wash and I think, this post mostly centered on the body wash than the soap. Yes, I like the soap but I like the body wash even better. I feel that my skin was so smooth after showering and the smoothness doesn't leave my skin fast. I feel so hydrated with it. 

After I showered and used it for a week, I noticed that my not-so-smooth elbow was now smoother and really moisturized. Actually, my whole skin was more moisturized now than before. Now I have the guts to rub my skin with my guy. Haha. He won't even bother. LOL. #clingy

As for the soap, I like that it also keeps me fresh and hydrated but the body wash really tops it off. Whenever I use these two, I feel like I'm in a bubble party because of all the bubbles that comes off when rinsing. Proof that it's really lathery. 

... and since I mentioned that I have two pieces of each type, I gave the other soap to my sister and gave the other body wash as a gift. I like giving my products away to my loved ones. 

Wait!! Speaking of giving gifts, I will be hosting a giveaway on the first day of December. There will not be only one winner, nor two, not even three, but there will be.... 12 winners!!! Yes! All 12 of them will win different items like cosmetics, skincare products, GC's clothings, crafts and many, many more!!! It's really a YAY for the holiday season! I'm still looking for sponsors though to complete the 12, only a few slot so if your interested to join in the fun, please email me at Let's spread the love this Christmas! ♥

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • The body wash was really moisturizing.
  • Rich lather. You'll really enjoy being in the shower! Trust me! :)
  • Provide intense hydration.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • The soap only gives half the moisture the body wash gives. 
Price: FREE at BDJ Box October 2014
Bought from: BDJ Box
 Size: 473ml

Anyone who experienced the same thing with Dial's newest products? I loved it so much that I set aside my other products in the shower to give these babies all attention they must have. Thanks to BDJ for including these on the loot. Such a pity though that I didn't chanced on their Nov-Fev box. How stupid of me to miss deadlines on payments. Ugh! >.<

Anyway, tag me on your reviews of this combo. What do you think? I bet you love them too! 

'Till the next. Xoxo 

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