Review: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Hello ladies and gents. It's been a while since my last post in my blog. I've been busy with the holiday blues and since I am having a Christmas vacation, I need to finish a lot of work. I am also sick for the entire week that it kept me from making a blog post. I just used my time to rest after work instead of blogging. I actually go to work despite the illness. I suffered from severe tonsillitis and fever and I am still suffering right now. It just get better though. ^.^

... And because I'm back, I am back in reviewing again my lovable items that were hiding in my storage boxes. I recently used Himalaya and as you can see on the photo below, I already used up the left mini-tube which I got from Sample Room waaaaaay back! I like that it's really mild on the face 'cause when you use them, it doesn't bring tears to the eyes. I remember the 'no more tears' shampoo brand for babies. Hihi. I also love how smooth the skin becomes after application. 

It has a gel like green texture which feels kinda slimy then eventually brings out the bubbles once you lathered it on the skin. The only downside I see on this product is the smell. For me, it brings out the distinct smell of a dish washing liquid which obviously not my type on the face but nevertheless, the effect was so good. Though I might say I don't want to repurchase because of the smell. I just can't take that smell on my face. T_T 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It's mild and doesn't sting the eyes.
  • Leaves the skin smooth and clean.
  • Free from PARABEN.
  • Gel texture so it doesn't spill.
  • It has Neem that fights bacteria, prevents acne build-up, provides clear and glowing skin.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It smells like a dish washing liquid for me. Nay! :(
Price: P25.00 for 15ml.
Bought from: Sample Room
 Size: 15ml. (Sample Size)

By the way, did you noticed that lately, I stopped ordering from Sample Room? It is because of trust issues. I once joined their Blogger Circle contest which I posted here where they are looking for 5 bloggers to be part of the group. The month was last April. I would be a hypocrite if I'll tell you that I don't like to win, of course I wanted to but the excitement turned out to be a disappointment because of how they handle things. First, it took so long before they announced anything. Actually, they didn't announced anything! No formal announcements were made in any of their social networks with what happened to that contest. So as a participant, I asked them on Instagram few times a week on who won but to no avail. Then suddenly, they announced new part of their blogger circle and again suddenly answered my question on who won and said that they just 'handpicked' new members and announced ONE winner from the contest. Hello? How about those who made efforts to join?  Or perhaps they can just say it straight to our face that our posts were not qualified or didn't met their expectations. I emailed them everything so I know I met their requirements that's why I was so disappointed on how everything turned out.
I've loved them from day 1 but just like any relationships, the trust was reciprocated with disappointment. I don't know if I'll have a change of heart in the future but I just don't feel of getting back to them at this state. I just hope the best for them now. 

Anyway, how's your holidays over there? Our school's Christmas party will be held tomorrow and I have a little something for my students and co-teachers. I'm so excited for the happenings on the days ahead. Hope you're on the same state too! 

'Till next time. Xoxo ♥


  1. aww boohoo :/ sampleroom ruined it's reputation on you :O so sad to read this :/
    but I'm happy that your'e feeling a bit well now ^_^ Get well soon!!!

  2. I'm thinking if they can make it up by their future samples. We'll see then.


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