Sisig Fiesta 2017

Dated April 29, 2017 when Angeles City highlighted an event which promotes the highly “arguably greatest pork dish on Earth” which is SISIG. The said activity recreated the height of the popularity of Sizzling Sisig in the ‘80’s. It’s an annual feast of gastronomic culture where many varieties of Sisig were showcased by different restaurants of Pampanga.

It's my first time to bring my baby in a festival and I realized that it's not really baby-friendly to attend in such event with an 8-month old. Yes, I seldom bring my baby in events to still put up with my blogging career. It's typically hot that day but not to the extent that it's excruciating. Tolerable as it is, but still difficult. Good thing hubby was there in the first place. We didn't really finished the whole event and left around 6pm where the activity was on the rise. 

We still got the chance to witness the opening of the Sisig Banquet where restaurants of Pampanga got to share their take on the different variety of Sisig. I like the Sisig Matua and the salmon one which name I forgot.  

MY TAKE: In attending festival like this, do note that bringing a baby is difficult because you get to meet a lot of different people, smoke is everywhere plus consider what type of weather it falls. Bringing extra cash is also a thing because there are different stalls which sells different products and they have promos as well. 

During the festival, we are given the option to get 4 different kinds of Sisig, with rice and water. They sell the ticket for 100 pesos. Pretty reasonable because you get to choose 4 kinds of sisig. 

Overall, I hope I can attend again next year, provided someone has to take care of baby at home. Hihi. Ciao! 😀


  1. You were also at the sisig festival? wow.. I have some friends who attendex that as well, and all I cam say is... Kamusta ang high blood? hehehe.. jk.

    so what's the next festival for pampanga? and if you have fave sisig that you got to try, what's the weirdest sisig you saw there? :)

    1. I only got to try 4 variants with very little amount so it's controllable.

  2. How we wish we heard new about this sooner. We definitely would have attended this since we're sisig lovers. And to be able to try different kinds of sisig in Pampanga, priceless. How I wish there were more stories about the food and the whole experience. Ka-bitin. Hirap maging mommy. kudos to you!

    1. Thanks! The story about the Sisig history was presented during the program. I can edit this and add more details on the Sisig history here in Pampanga.


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