Best Lessons This Pandemic

The pandemic brought us lots of learnings in life. When it first hit in 2020, it was really unexpected that we were surprised by its effects. We've been greatly affected as my sister's office laid off their employees and she was removed from their account. Our savings was rapidly decreasing too. From then on, we've been very cautious in getting every money from our pockets. The usual restaurant dine-ins were replaced with home-cooked meals for almost a year. Yes. It was difficult for us not to spend since eating out is our way of creating more memories with the family. We were also affected with Covid twice and since we weren't sure of the situation, we chose to be safe than sorry. No going outs except for really important matters. 

When the pandemic eased up later 2021, we made sure to add more passive income and get insurances for preparation in times like this. I tried adding more writing gigs, joined lots of blogger campaigns and projects, and been selling random items as well. We decided to put our hard-earned money on investments to grow them. We also relied on apps and websites that helped us monitor our savings and investment. 

One of the calculator sites I recently discovered is This calculator quickly figures out how much money you will have saved up during a set investment period. It's great for both new and experienced users who are saving and wanted to check how much money they accumulate over time. This also has a feature that allows one to create a growth table of savings.

I love their features especially their saving goal calculator. If your goal is to save a certain amount, you can calculate and see how much money it will grow at a certain time. I like it because I feel that it has a psychological effect on me which makes me wanted to save more. 😁 

It can be scary to wake up one day where all your savings and hard-earned money were all used up because of unexpected circumstances like the pandemic. At this time and era, let's take advantage of things around us which can help us save, such as this technology to save money. Remember, no one except yourself need to plan and save for the future. Because it is you who's responsible on your own financial security. 


  1. This is another realization that pandemic thought as ! Saving

  2. Thank you for sharing this very informative and very helpful po tlga ito . Ito ung need natin lalo na ngyong panahon ng pandemic .

  3. We really need this kind of tip especially nowadays inflation is not really good.thanks for sharing this informative and very useful tips/info.♥️

  4. We really needto be wary of our spending habits and make sure we have savings for times like pandemic 👍🏻 Will check this Savings Calculator so I’ll be motivated to save more!


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