When To Replace Instead of Repairing An Appliance

Our household appliances gives us the convenience in life. It cuts our working time in half and it gives us a lot of benefits such as simplified ways in dealing with daily tasks, superb performances and a whole lot more. We always tend to seek assistance with these gadgets as we can't deny their help in our daily life. 

The dilemma kicks in when these appliances became inefficient or when it broke. Just as how pricey it is to get one, the repairs would also cost us fortune depending on the severity of the damage. So the question is, when is the best time to replace an appliance instead of repairing them? 

As a mom, I always go to repairs most of the time. It saves me more time and money. Unlike my husband who's irritated with broken appliances, he simply buys another one (when we afford it) so easily. We always disagree with one another so what we did is to come up with ways on how to decide on replacing the appliance instead of repairing them. 

1. When it's near or it reaches it's life cycle

Appliance just like any other thing, also has a certain life cycle. You can't just keep on repairing it because you feel it's the necessary thing to do. Sometimes, it won't function fully like how it used to so replacing it would be better than risking safety or spending more money in repairing it often. 

2. If cost of repair is more than 50%

A repair seems necessary if your item has been broken the first time or second time around. But it shouldn't be more than 50% of the cost of the item. In case that happens, a replacement may make more sense. Especially if the life span of your item is on or around 50%. In this case, I would suggest getting regular maintenance for your equipment especially in very expensive items. 

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3. Upgrading

Nowadays, changing appliances quickly has been a norm (especially for those who can afford it) because of social media. It's so great seeing those perfectly sync appliances on Tiktok and Reels that goes so well with you home design or just simply putting out its aesthetic. It's great to upgrade your appliances especially if you feel the need to like changing your old AC to an inverter. This will make you save more in the long run.

PRO TIP: Sell your old appliance in a lower price to cover a part of the amount of the new appliance you are getting.

In the end, it is up to the homeowners whether to replace or repair an appliance. Just remember to always follow the safety precautions in using you appliances to provide a safe home environment to your family. 

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