Protect Your Car from Carnapping

Investing in a car isn't a joke so protecting them is equally important as how much you cherish them. So aside from getting a car insurance to cover at least some of the cost in case you lost your car, here are some top tips on how to protect your wheels from carnapping.

1. Install alarms
One of the main objective of car alarms is that it will create buzz that a car is being opened by someone. Better get a personalized alarm for your car so that you will easily distinguished that it is your car being opened by someone. 

2. Park in an open area
As much as possible, park in well-lit areas and avoid the secluded ones. Always check your doors once you leave your car because sometimes there are faulty actuators which do not activate your power lock. You might not know that you leave the doors open and penetrators can easily access your car. 

3. Do not leave valuables items in your car
Laptops, cellphones and wallets are some of the biggest eye-catching objects for thieves. Once they spotted these in your car, chances are they will try to break in and get your money and gadgets, or worst carnap your car. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Take care of dogs
For those car owners who park their cars in their front yard, getting a dog will be helpful for you. I have a neighbor whom I told to protect your Honda CR-V car from theft. He almost lost his car but because of their dog, the perpetrator ran away when he saw that they have a dog. 

5. Use a Steering Wheel Lock
Get yourself a steering wheel lock. Carnappers may penetrate your car but they can't drive it once they are inside because of the steering wheel lock. Perpetrators usually won't get your car when they know that your steering wheel is locked because there's no point of carnapping your car in the first place since they maneuver it. 

6. Kill Switch
A common yet an effective strategy is to install a hidden kill switch. You can even DIY this. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to install this one. It's job is to cut off the flow of electricity in the ignition. So the carnapper can't turn on the machine easily with this and it will delay him finding the kill switch so chances are, he will just ran away after trying to carnap your car. 

If you are a car owner, consider getting a car insurance. For extreme circumstances, this might not get the car back but it will help greatly with the expenses. Just always be careful of your surrounding especially when using your car. 

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