Checking Out the Largest Cities of Louisiana

When you think of big cities, your first reaction may not be the state of Louisiana. However, this southern state has much to offer in terms of city living. Let’s go over some of the best cities to visit or call home in the Pelican State.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is one of the best places to live as a Louisiana native. Locals love their town because it comes with a lot of similarities to New Orleans without the hustle and bustle of a tourist town. Much of Louisiana is home to parts of the Mississippi River and Baton Rouge is no exception. Louisiana State University is located in this city and it draws a hefty crown in the fall. Many young professionals attend LSU and then find they love living in their college town. 

Similar to New Orleans, this city is dazzling with murals, historical buildings, and quaint shopping. There is an avid nightlife in Baton Rouge. The Tin Roof Brewery is a popular destination for those looking to try some local food and drink. While you’re there, you should take a tour of the brewery for the full experience. There is also the Dead Poet Nightclub which is a luxurious club that also serves as a venue. 

If you’re more into outdoor recreation, visit the Baton Rouge Zoo or the Audubon Golf Trail. For those interested in the sciences of space, visit the Highland Road Park Observatory. There are over a dozen parks that include hiking and biking trails as well. And as a staple of the south, check out the swamp lands! The Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center spans 103 acres and has a live animal exhibit. Bring the whole family along to learn all about the local wildlife.

New Orleans

The Creole capital of the world, New Orleans, offers up culture, cuisine, and endless history. While looking into New Orleans houses for sale on the market, you will notice how this area holds some of the best reviews for diversity and weather. New Orleans is considered a dense suburban area with 13 districts and 72 neighborhoods. It’s apparent when visiting the city that New Orleans prides itself on its beautiful architecture. Many of the homes here are very desirable.

There are notable locations around town such as the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, Cafe Beignet, and the French Quarter District. Another notable part of the culture of New Orleans is its music. Between Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, you can find many sounds of Afro-Caribbean influences with a touch of folk and bluegrass. 

In addition to the endless attractions, there are several notable colleges in the area.  The University of New Orleans and Tulane University are both located in the city. They offer programs from law to nursing and come highly rated. Outside of schooling, there is a heavy presence of professional sports. The New Orleans Saints NFL team and the New Orleans Pelicans NBA team bring in sports fans from all across the country. 


The third-largest city in Louisiana, Shreveport is located in the northwestern part of the state. This area borders Texas to the West and Arkansas to the North. This city has a history rooted in traditional southern living as opposed to the french and creole roots of New Orleans. However, similarly to New Orleans, Shreveport loves to showcase its music scene. The music here represents more of a country, folk, and bluegrass vibe. 

While in Shreveport you can stop at the Shreveport Aquarium, the Asian Gardens of Shreveport, or the many casinos. There’s fun here for folks of all ages and interests. There are several museums to visit as well to provide fun and education simultaneously! And if you’re a parent, that’s something we are always looking to do. 

These three cities are Louisiana's biggest and they are all so different from each other. These areas can cater to almost anyone’s desire when looking for a new place to call home. And if you’re not in the market, keep these locations in mind for mini trips. The U.S. has so much to offer as a vacation destination and it often is overlooked. However, now you know the best destinations in Louisiana. 

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