Beautify Your Interior With a Low Budget

During the start of the pandemic where everyone was in a lockdown, it was a perfect time for me to get a part time job online which gave us the opportunity to earn extra from our usual salary. We live paycheck to paycheck so this extra savings were spent to at least beautify our house interior from it's bare look since we just got our house around that time. 

Since we only have limited budget, we decided to beautify the interior with what we can afford. Some of the things we consider are the following. 

1. Paint the walls
We decided to decorate our then concrete walls and paint it to a white canvas. Since we have a small space, white paint makes it bigger so we opted for that color. Since we are saving money, we did the painting on our own since we are saving cost of labor. Wall paint makes the whole place a lot different so I believe this is a 'need' in beautifying your interior. 

2. Change our floors
When we first got the house and since it is bare, we just opted to use a linoleum flooring but we noticed that it became a disaster with kids. They would write on it or would cut it so we opted for concrete floors. There are lots of benefits of polished concrete floors for us. Now it's easier to maintain and clean, not to mention it is more cost-efficient instead of changing linoleum from time to time. 

3. Choose elegant looking curtain
Since we have almost bare looking interior, a set of good-looking, minimalist design in curtain, can help do the trick. We also included this on the budget and it won't hurt to add this.

4. Get some plants
Putting plants is a great way to give balance in a room. Indoor plants can be used as great accent pieces and it also makes a space alive. Nowadays, putting plants has been popular too so better to invest in those pieces. 

5. Interior should facilitate lifestyle needs
I believe design should facilitate the family's lifestyle because if we are just too focus on the design, it would be too hard to handle maintaining your home's design. If you have kids which will create mess with their toys in the living room, then you should invest on organizers that goes well so it's easier to pack up and clean. 

At the end of the day, interior designing should make you happy and not stressed. Just enjoy designing your home so you and your family will end up enjoying your time staying at home. 

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