Spend Your Vacation Time Splendidly

School is now over and I should make the most out of my vacation days so here I am listing different events and activities that I'm looking forward to do during this break. I was really exhausted with work the past few weeks so I promise myself to make the most out of this special time that I have.

Here are some of the things I am looking forward to do while enjoying the break.


I think travel is one of the most sought after activities people wants to do when they have free time from work (aside from sleeping). You get to go to places you haven't been before and just spend quality time with friends or family rather than treasuring some time alone.  Since the pandemic, I have only traveled for work and didn't really spent much time with my family so I am scheduling 2-3 travels within the span of this vacation. 


Kalimba has been one of the instruments I am interested recently which I want to learn this vacation. I know how to play guitar and other instruments but not this one. This break is the perfect opportunity to go back in my love for music. I might also teach my kids how to play this soon since this looks very handy and convenient to use and learn. But first, I need to buy my own. :) 


For me, vacation is also the perfect time to go through all the things that needs to be done at home. Since construction is not in the picture because of no budget, I am going to fix stuff instead and redesign some areas of the house this break. First I need to check on what needs fixing on our gadgets and appliances. Right now, our TV, personal computers and washing machine need some fixing and cleaning. A same-day appliance repair service is available anytime so that can help repair some stuff and save time. A very much needed help I would appreciate. 


I've been stalling some time in creating the kids learning materials especially Railey's therapy activities. I just couldn't find time because I've been so busy with different stuff so this became a least priority which it should not have been so in the first place. Now, I have time to do this and I got no reason not to. I've been printing already the first few batches. Just waiting for my laminating film and other learning stuff. :) 

These are just some of my goals to accomplish in two weeks. This list looks like might be easy for some and hard for others. After all, we all have different approaches in life. 

Leaving you now to accomplish this. Ciao. 

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