How Are We Now Two Years After The Pandemic

The years of the pandemic had greatly affected mankind and people suffered huge changes in life. I've seen, heard and been a part of those huge changes like removal from my part time work, same with my sister who also got cut-off from her main job. We had to budget tightly whatever was left of us. I even had to create meal plans not exceeding $10. It was really tough considering we also have two small kids at home who are sometimes picky on what to eat. 

Apart from our daily struggles, we still need to maintain paying our bills. Good thing everything went fine even when times were tough. I remembered being grateful during those times that we were able to get a second-hand car instead of getting a brand new one because that would surely be tough to handle given the unexpected arrival of the pandemic. 

It was still a good thing that we got a car because pandemic travel was so difficult during the height of Covid-19. There was a time that only one household member was allowed to go out and we had to use our own vehicle and not use public transportation to minimize possible contact with other people. Thinking about that now, it is very convenient to get your own car. Just be mindful of extra or accumulating expenses in maintenance. 

Speaking of setting budget on your car, it is best to check ways on how you can cut on unnecessary expenses. For the food and bills I use different budgeting apps in our daily expenses. As for the car, we use a car budget calculator which is also helpful in budgeting expenses on your car. This site helps you track and calculate car price that fits your monthly budget. Interesting right? It is very unique because it can instantly appear calculation results as to how you want to know the expenses on your car and even if you want to avail loan payment amounts, gives printable amortization schedules, etc.

I totally like the site because I can calculate budget for fuel which is very convenient for us. My husband always drives but he isn't the type who budgets the expenses for it so what I do is I always use that calculator and will just tell him about the numbers so he's aware on what goes out of the budget. 

While browsing on the site,  you can also play some games and they have gaming arcade which I liked. I actually like it because it's a breathe of fresh air from the stress of those numbers. I'm loving the Apple and Onion Cat Rescue. My daughter likes it too! 

Two years went by and little by little, we are slowly going back to the normal. It may be the old normal we are used with, or the new normal we are getting into. Whatever that is, I am sure that all of us already learned a lot from what the pandemic taught us, especially when it comes to money matters. We've been extra smart in budgeting our family's expenses now more than ever. So let's take the opportunity to take advantage of the ways how we can save. 

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