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If you are a reader of my blog, you very well know that I am fond of playing games online because it's what I usually do during my free time. If I'm not working in the office or not doing any chores at home, most likely I am watching korean dramas or playing games. I like browsing the internet with some good games and I especially like it when games are free of charge and if the site is easy to navigate. 

That is why, I am very much happy to discover this gaming website which has all the factors I mentioned, it's

This is a gaming website which primarily focuses on money and finance. Apart from that, it comprises of different game categories and dozens of games available. 

I think most games here enhances my mind to be alert. Combining money in games makes me want to play it more. :) 

Anyway, sharing with you some of my favorite and recommended games. 


My #1 favorite game on the website. I feel I am always challenged here. I'm spending long hours here and sometimes find myself spending all my working break in playing solitaire. The game has very colorful design and promotes different places on its tiles. Pretty and challenging I must say.



I have always loved Powerpuff girls when I was younger, and I like that the display in this game is good quality compared to other games. Apart from that, it's challenging because the ice and fire challenges in the game moves really fast. You will really feel the panic as you have to move evry fast in saving the buildings and people in Townsville. 


I like Math and I like computing especially when using my keyboard so I find this game very appealing. It isn't as challenging as the first two I mentioned but I liked it so much so I am sharing it with you here. 

To be honest I wanted to talk about more games, but this article won't end if I continue. I swear this is one of the best gaming websites I have tried which has great games perfect for different ages. You should try it for yourself as well. I'm sure you will not only enjoy, but the whole family as well. 

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