Mama Tet Cooks: Chicken Tinola in Coconut Milk

 I found something new to prepare today since I want the kids to experience a different set of viand. It's their favorite Chicken Tinola but I'm doing it with a twist so keep on reading. 

Since last week, we are buying from the wet market everyday because we had some troubles with our fridge. We had a small, one-door refrigerator and the freezer part isn't working properly so we can't store frozen goods there yet. It's in our plans already to get a new fridge but since it's still functional, we thought of just using it until the end of its machine life. We can just send it to a fridge repair shop this weekend for it to be fixed.

Anyway, here's a different twist of the classic Chicken Tinola which our children always loved. 


     1/2 k. chicken
     1 small onion
     3-4 cloves garlic
     1 small ginger
     1 med. sized chayote
     2-3 pieces chili
     1/8 squash (cut in cubes)
     2 cups coconut milk
     1 cup of malunggay

1. Saute onion, garlic and ginger. You can add fish sauce if you wish to. I rarely use fish sauce but I added some with this dish. 
2. Add the chicken and make sure to toss it front and back so that both sides are cooked well.
3. Add the coconut milk. You can add water or chicken stock too if you want. But since I want a creamier taste on this dish, I skipped broth. I only added a little amount of water.
4. When chicken is soft and cooked, add chayote and squash. Bring to boil or wait until the vegetables are soft.
5. Add malunggay or moringa leaves, the more, the merrier! It's the cheapest superfood so if you have that, put a lot. I just get moringa from our neighbor's plant and it's free!
6. Add salt and pepper to taste. Put some chili and adjust the taste to your liking. 

This dish has the same tinola taste but on a different level. I like how it give a great taste on the classic dish. The kids love it and so is hubby. Now this is something I look forward to trying again! 

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