Review: Sam4Kinis Soaps

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Another review up and this time, I am writing about these soaps which I received from a brand before the pandemic and it's from the brand Sam4Kinis. It is my first time to hear about them so I am excited to try it upon receiving it from the loot I got on the Candy Dollz The Magic Tour 2020 event.

Actually I have plenty of soaps to review from all the events and PR I have received the past months so I've been switching and using different kinds of soaps lately. Because of that, my dry to sensitive skin is always at risk so I try to be careful in picking a product that I knew my skin would like. For these items here, I knew the moment I used them that I won't be repeating the same thing again. 

Anyway, before proceeding let me summarize my thoughts on the products first. 

WHAT IS IT - This is a natural beauty soap that claims to suit each skin type. From the name itself, KINIS, it is said to be formulated to give a beautifully smooth skin you wanted to achieve.

PACKAGING - It is packed in a plastic with a sticker label pasted on the covering. Simple and straightforward packaging. 

TEXTURE - Upon removing the plastic, the soap isn't as smooth like the normal commercialized soap you see in the market. There are visible marks that shows the product might have gotten some irregularities like some cuts in the bar leaving imperfect sides. Lines and corners aren't perfectly shaped either. Maybe it's the brands distinct character or perhaps it might have been squished in transit. 

KEY INGREDIENTS - Each variant has a specific skin care concern. I got three variants, the GlutaLemon, the GlutaKojic and the Bleaching. The label in the package tells the ingredients and I noticed all of the soaps I has glycerin which act as a humectant. Humectant allows to retain the skin's moisture. It can increase skin hydration, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin's surface. 

CLAIMS - This soap claims to smoothen skin, whitens and gives it a glowy look and feel!


SCENT - There is a subtle scent of lemon on the Glutalemon and the familiar scent of Kojic on the orange bar. It isn't too strong so I think it's great on that aspect. I actually dislike very strong-scented soaps. The Charcoal doesn't have any distinct scent at all.

PRICE - I have no idea how much a bar costs but I've seen post and prices that is around P100-P150. I guess it is because you can resell this soap and distribute this particular brand.

MY THOUGHTS: From all the soaps, I like charcoal the most. It really removes the stinky smell from my kids hands when they do #2. However, the soaps were kind of  drying on my skin, especially the lemon. I didn't used them on my face, just on my body. I also didn't noticed much effect from the whitening variants. 

Overall, it would pass as a regular body soap but it would be costly compare to the commercial soaps in the market that has the same or much better effect.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE from an event's lootbag
  • Effectively removes stinky smell
  • Has different variants

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Packaging isn't as appealing as other soaps on the same price range
  • Not much effect and feels drying on my skin

Price: P100-P150
Bought from: Got from an event lootbag
Size: 135 g.

What doesn't work for me might work for me. It wouldn't hurt to try this for yourself.  

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  1. I love your honest review. I have sensitive skin so I think this is a nay for me if it makes the skin dry, this will only trigger my allergies.


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