How We Renovated Our Little Home

 We recently had our kitchen fixed and painted. It has been a long awaited plan but we just dont have enough time these past few weeks to manage it and get it done.

The repair lasted a week and we are so glad that it was nicely renovated that my kids are all running free because of the pretty tiles on the floor. We had the windows and doors all polished and replaced which was a great idea because it now gave a cool vibe in the living room. Still aiming for this minimalist set-up in the photo that's great even when you have kids at home.

I used the bright curtains I purchased for the windows which I think adds to the energetic feeling on the first level of the house. The plants also adds a fresh ambiance in the living room. We were thrilled at the home improvement we achieved for the first quarter of the year.

My goal is still paint the house in white since it looks brighter and cleaner. Though I admit that it's taking more time to clean and maintain it, especially if the kids keep on making a mess everywhere. But that's the joy of having kids at home, isn't it?

I have more improvement plans in the future especially our top space on the 2nd floor but I'll leave that at the moment and will continue to work hard and save more for our future goals for the house.

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