Review: Skin 1004 Zombie Pack

I am so grateful to Skin1004 for sending some items to me for review even during the pandemic period. More than the product, I am more grateful with their response when I told them that we were Covid positive and asked if I can delay the review after I get well. They sent me well wishes, also telling me it's okay to delay the review. It's rare to find brands who understands their bloggers/ influencers situation despite the deadline so I thank them for that! 

As much as I want to use the product while in home quarantine, my body, mind and my whole being was just so weak to move. So when I finally recovered, the first product I grabbed and used is this Zombie Pack. My skin suffered because of Covid since I really can't do my usual routine during that time. It felt rough and dry so it's a good thing I have this pack that claims to deliver smoother and firmer skin. 

WHAT IS IT - It is a wash-off pack that delivers extreme pore and elastic care for smoother and firmer skin. 

PACKAGING - In the box, there are 8 pieces of Zombie Pack Powder, Zombie Pack Activator, and an applicator brush. The box shows a photo of a cracked egg which represents the look of the mask after application. At the back of the box, there's the instruction on how to use the pack. Korean and English instructions are provided so it's easier to understand. 

How to use: 1. Open package and mix activators. 2. Excluding areas around eyes and lips, apply thoroughly on face with brush. 3. After 10~15 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

TEXTURE - The Zombie pack powder is a fine, white powder and the activator feels just like water. When mixed together, it forms a slightly thick consistency that needs to be put on the face. 

KEY INGREDIENTS - It's main ingredients are Albumin, Centella Asiatica extract, panthenol. Albumin is the rinse-off exfoliant peel that helps to smoothen wrinkles and rough skin. Centella Asiatica on the other hand is an acid that 's soothing and has antibacterial properties. Panthenol helps in the elasticity and smooth appearance.

CLAIMS - This pack claims to target the nine skin concerns: exfoliation, texture, tone, moisture, clearness, water-oil balance, pores, elasticity, and lifting.

SOURCE ON CLAIMS: Skin1004 on Shopee

SCENT - For me, the pack has this very, very subtle smell of an egg. It isn't bothering though so even if it stayed on the face for 10-15 minutes, it isn't bothering for me at all. The powder and activator as 

PRICE - It's around P1600 on Shopee but you can get huge discounts there. Right now as of this writing, it's only around 1,000 so better grab it while on sale. 

MY THOUGHTS: First up, the box is very catchy for me because you will get to think what the product is for. I like that there's 8 pieces inside the box, enough for a months usage when used twice a a week.. The English translation for the instruction also helps a lot. I find other Korean items difficult to understand on how to use them because it doesn't have any English translation. 

The application is easy and isn't messy because it already comes with a brush which is a good point. There's a tightening feeling after the 3-minute mark and the tightening progresses the longer it was on the skin. There's both discomfort and satisfaction in using this because I am not used to in the tightening feeling of the mask. However, it looks and feels so satisfying as well. I like that after the pack tightens on my skin, I don't need to peel it off. Washing is easier. 

After washing, my face feels so smooth to touch. I also noticed my face got brighter and little redish bumps on my forehead diminished after use. You can see that effect on my video on Youtube.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE from Skin1004's PR
  • Targets 9 skin care concerns
  • Easy and mess-free application
  • Smoothens the skin after use
  • Diminished red bumps. In my case, I have red bumps on the forehead and it obviously became smaller after use.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • A little pricey but the brand gives huge discounts and sale every now and then
  • A little discomfort for new users but no worries since it's very effective

Price: P1612.00 (SALE NOW FOR P1025!)
Bought from: Got from a PR
SizeVolume: Powder 2g x 8ea(16g) / Activator 3.5ml x 8ea(28ml)

This is great for those who like wash off pack when using exfoliators. I for one likes the feeling so I highly recommend this. I would go for wash off than the peeling ones as they are more lighter and comfortable on the skin. Non-drying too! No guilt feeling whatsoever while cleansing your face. 

Grab it while it's on sale. It's really worth the investment especially if your skin concern falls under those 9 problems. 


  1. it seems to be great product for skin, thanks for the review.

  2. Wow!! Mukhang maganda po ito mommy 😍 Para mas lalong gumanda ang self natin. Lalo nat non drying and comfortable pa sya. Must try this po talaga. I will Check this out po .

  3. Wow!! Mukhang maganda po ito mommy 😍 Para mas lalong gumanda ang self natin. Lalo nat non drying and comfortable pa sya. Must try this po talaga. I will Check this out po .

  4. Wow!! Mukhang maganda po ito mommy 😍 Para mas lalong gumanda ang self natin. Lalo nat non drying and comfortable pa sya. Must try this po talaga. I will Check this out po .

  5. First of all, thank God that you have fully recovered from the virus. Zombie pack makes your skin alive again. An easy to use skin care product and not having any painful effect. Very good to use but for the price, it's a bit pricey.


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