Affordable Online Clothes Shopping Ideas

We all like to buy new clothes once in a while, just to give our wardrobes a bit of a refresh. However, fashionable clothes can be expensive. And some are not made to last. Finding new ways to buy affordable clothes can be difficult, especially when can’t venture out to do it.

Heading online to shop for clothes is a good alternative to the malls. But with so many websites and outlets to browse through, it could take hours to find the right clothes at the right price.

Here’s a few tips to help you buy affordable clothes online.


Buying preloved clothing can be a good way to afford new clothes without spending too much. Shop around and you can find some really nice vintage pieces. Not all are cheap though!

Checking the quality of preloved clothing from online photos can be hard to do. So, if you’re not sure of the condition of the clothing, try contacting the thrift store or seller for more details. Then you can decide whether it’s worth the money.

You also need to consider shipping charges too. If you’re buying preloved clothes online, you could still end up paying a lot more than you planned, especially if the items are coming from another country. So, whether you’re checking out thrift stores like Urban Thrift or buying from sites like eBay, check the shipping cost too.


Buying clothes at the right time can sometimes save you money. End of season sales happen online as well as in stores. So, waiting for the sales is one way of getting more affordable clothing.

What else could you consider? Well, you could try signing up to newsletters. Often when you look at a clothing website, you’ll see an online form pop up to receive their newsletter. Don’t ignore these, as they sometimes offer special discounts for your first purchase or just for signing up.


There is a growing trend for allowing customers to buy clothes now and pay for them later. Usually, you pay the cost back in monthly instalments. Many big name brands and catalogues with credit offer this option. This can be a good if you’re desperately in need of new clothes for you or your child. However, you do need to be very disciplined with your spending. And you do need to budget. It’s very easy to get carried away, buying more than you need.

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