How I Started As A Blogger and Influencer

For the past 10 years, I've been establishing this blog and writing my heart out whenever I can. This became my humble web abode where I can freely expressed my thoughts, let my heart out, and review products and brands on my own way and own words. 

Blogging world is a huge place and creating digital content opens lots of doors for me. I first created this space for myself alone but it slowly transitioned into a space I never thought it could be. It gave a whole new world to me. 

I am free here. I can talk about anything and fully share what I wanted to share. When I first started blogging, my mantra was to write to express and not to impress, to not be intimidated with the bashers and the 'perfect' looking influencers. I always thought blogging isn't for me, because I find myself not good-looking, an introvert and I am not really good in what I do. But since I felt free here, I didn't let those thoughts haunt me. I just continue writing and giving all the best that I can.

I remember when I first started blogging, I chose my niche to be in beauty because I love exploring new products in the market, especially those that are related into health, beauty, fashion and wellness. I remember, I was watching my favorite influencers and I know in my heart that I also like the things that they do. Despite not having much budget in spending items for review, I tried creating content from the basic products that we buy for our home and for our daily essentials. Whatever product we get, be it be it a new shampoo, bath soap, lotions and the like, I tried to blog and review. Even our new purchased clothing will get a space on my blog (for the fashion section). Just basically all that I can include on my own niche in writing, I try to include so I wouldn't have to spend extra amount just to create a content.

In that setup, I don't need to spend a huge chunk on our daily budget. Sampling sites on the other hand is also a great help because they get the latest product releases. With them, I get to try newly product release which my readers are highly interested of. What I also do is tag the product brand so that they can acknowledge and can also share my review on their end which helps me somehow build my online presence. 

Little and little, some brand would then reach out to me to review to their products and pay me. The products I received are slowly piling up which gives me more chance to create more content and also a chance to earn from those collabs. And because I'm getting more projects and campaigns, I had to extend my online presence into other social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more. 

Right now, more brands are reaching out and I don't need to spend anymore for a haul. I still purchase though, especially if I am interested with the product and just like the old times, I still blog/vlog it for more content. 

Everything with digital content creation isn't easy to begin with. It isn't a walk in the park type of success. Time, effort and emotions were poured into it and I'm glad that people are appreciating back my work. I love what I do and I am happy with it. So if you want to also create your own platform, ask yourself if this is something you would still love to do after several years, and if it does, you will find the answer then. 

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