How to Stay Safe this Pandemic

News or reports about house break ins are not a joke, especially if you have many valuable things at home.

The onset of pandemic made lots of people afraid of going out of their homes because they might acquire the scary virus. Staying at home might be fine for most people, yet more find it burdensome since people have been laid off from work and became unemployed.

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Due to this, people would look for any means just to be able to put food on the table. Most would do any business from selling food, clothes, and other products. Unfortunately, for others they would prefer to do things in not so good way by theft or breaking in.

Although there is an outbreak, everyone still needs to keep safe. We have been hearing several break ins around our area and it has been really scary. So we decided to have double locks at home to make sure of our safety. I had a door guard fixed by a locksmith near me and had it installed in our front door. It acts as a double lock and I now feel secured that no one would easily break in our house even if we are not at home or sleeping.

How about you? How do you secure your home and your family?

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