A Place To Call My Own

It is indeed rewarding to have a place to call your own. As a wife and a mom of two kids, one of our goals is to get to build a house of our own, and it is slowly coming into fruition. Starting from keeping your hard-earned money to watching out your expenses on a daily basis, I can say that we were able to save money enough to start our dream home.

Personally, I would have loved to have our own house be made in just one go, but due to lack of huge funds, we have to watch it being made bit by bit, block by block, and stone by stone. It is really taxing to view the making of our dream house, yet I get to see how it is being done. Cost of materials is being itemized so I also learned to understand a little about carpentry, tools and materials needed for house-building.

Our humble abode was made by starting a small room where we stayed at first with all our things and stuff. And then we had it extended to the living room area, the kitchen, bedrooms and then the laundry room. Outside of our house, we decided to use a screen door temporarily while looking around for a wooden door that will be added to it.

Fortunately, while looking around to get some items for the home, we were able to search for several entrance doors for sale that are made of wood and looks really great for our home. We asked for details and prices and settled for a wooden entrance door with a touch of a minimalist design that I know would be perfect as our front door. We had it installed together with a lock as well. Now I can say I feel secured because of this purchase and never did I regret it.

How about you? Tell us more about your house-building story.

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