Awesome Transformation of Old or Broken Appliances

 Few months back, we started renovating our kitchen space and living room since I was able to get some part time job. We have a small space and one of our house rule is whenever we want to get something new for the house, be it a new appliance or furniture, we need to let go of what we currently have so we would have a space for the new item. 

So I browsed some ideas on the internet on how we can DIY some of the very old and broken appliances that we have and turn it into something useful so that we don't need to bring it at the appliance repair shop anymore. I know most of our old appliances are as good as junk and it would be a huge problem to dispose them. The environmentalist in me just don't like adding more trash so I often find ways to reuse, or upcycle those things. 

So here are some of the very inspiring transformations I saw which you can also do if you have some broken appliances lying around your home. It's great to repurpose knowing you are also saving the environment. 


This coffee maker here makes the most cute and beautiful aqua place for your aqua beings. Looks so cute and dainty! 

A Bright Blender

Such a great way to repurpose old blender. Save your blender's life by doing this. 

Cozy Wash

Who says washing machine are for clothes only? A little tweak and you can turn it into the daintiest chair. 

A FANtastic Idea

Placing indoor plants or vines on your fan gives it a refreshing and clean look.  

All of these transformations are great steps to save money and to lead a waste-free life. A little creativity and some tweak here and there and you will not only add 

How do you find repurposing items? Would you do the same too?  

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