Review: The Better Skin Project's Exfoliating + Lightening Bar

Hola everyone!

I've been missing out on almost all my social media accounts for months because of several reasons and one of it is Covid. I have created a vlog about our Covid-19 experience so I hope you can watch and listen to our story and experience. Who knows, it might help you too when you faced the same situation. Spare me a like and please also subscribe as well. (I'm a new youtuber now! Ahaha) :)

So I'm back in maintaining my blog and socmeds because I miss them. I just miss writing and sharing my thoughts on my humble web abode. I have a lot of products to share and review because they're piling up my closet now. Some were even expired so I had to think of ways on how to still use them (if possible) so I think you'll see more of my posts now. I need to work with my backlogs asap. 

One of the products I need to use asap is this soap from The Better Skin Project. I got this from Sample Room few months back but because Covid happened to us, I wasn't able to use it. I don't know, Covid just made our life stopped. We were quarantined, we felt so down and lifeless and just can't move and do anything. So now we are up again and ready to start a whole new year. 

Anyway, I saw some samples of this soap at the SR website and this is available in 3 variants, the Ultramoisture + Lightening Bar, the Pimple Fighting + Lightening Bar and this one, the Exfoliating + Lightening Bar! I was able to get the last one because the first two ran out of stock.

WHAT IS IT - This is a natural beauty soap made with organic and natural skin brighteners of Bearberry, Papain and Rosehip. 

PACKAGING - It is housed in a red box with very catchy label and combination of colors. The simple design of flower makes it interesting too. I must say the box is pretty and it's encouraging customers to read what's in it. Even the back part of the box is created beautifully. It also has a plastic covering despite the box. Hopefully, they would consider ditching the plastic and just make it paper instead. 

TEXTURE - Upon opening, the soap is smooth to the touch but once it was used, you can feel and see the loofah which helps with the exfoliation. It is soft but it may give discomfort to some as others may mistook it as rough exfoliation, especially if you use it on the face. I do not really use it on my face, so it's all fine for me.

KEY INGREDIENTS - As stated in the box, it has Bearberry, Papain and Rosehip. Bearberry is known for healing and it gives brightening effect. Papain on the other hand help reduces acne by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores Papain can also remove damaged keratin that can build up on the skin and form small bumps. As for Rosehip, it is known to have a lot of benefits for the skin. It hydrates, moisturizes, exfoliates and helps brighten skin. 

CLAIMS - This soap claims to scrub-off deep-seated dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities. 

SCENT - There is no overwhelming scent on this soap. Actually, it has no fragrance at all. 

PRICE - It is P119.00 for P120g as per Sample Room website. 

MY THOUGHTS: I like the soap overall. I like that there are those tiny bits of loofah which I thought were oat flakes at first. I am also into fragrant-free soaps recently. I don't know, I think I've been scent-sitive after getting sick. My only issue though is that the soap dissolves quite fast. I think I should have cut in it half to save it but nevertheless it worked great for my skin. My skin became a little brighter than before and it helps with the rough parts of my body such as my elbows, knees and heels. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE.
  • Smoothen dry and rough skin
  • Nicely and beautifully packaged
  • Parabens, sulfates and GMOs free

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It dissolves easily. I suggest you cut it in half to save more of the goodness of the soap.

Price: P119.00
Bought from: Got it for FREE from Sample Room.
Size: 120 g.

I am interested to try the other two variants because I liked this soap. Do take note that I didn't use this on my face. I'm very careful on what products I use on my face and normally, I do not use soap so this was just used on my body. I liked it. I actually like the loofah bits because I can feel that it cleanses my skin in a good way. 

I am recommending this for those who want to brighten their skin. After Covid, I felt my skin was really dry and rough and needed some exfoliation because I've been missing out on my skincare routine when we were sick. I just can't find myself doing it because I am so weak that time. So this product really helped my skin a lot. 

You should try getting this too, especially if you want to exfoliate your skin and exfoliate your rough parts. I have more soaps to review soon so I hope you can also check those out. 

Ciao! Happy new year! 


  1. I'm glad that you're okay na po. I know it was hard, I watched your vlog. I love your review with this the better skin project exfoliating + lightening bar. I agree, the packaging is so nice. It's affordable and worth a try.

  2. Welcome back po.Galing kasi nalagpasan niyo yung trials nung 2020.After reading your blog po gusto ko na din ma try ang product nila lalo na nag reduces acne by removing dead skin plus affordable lang lang din sya👏.


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