Haul: Sample Room #1

I finally got the chance to make an order at Sample Room. I was so unlucky not getting the chance to see available stocks from the site. Luckily, there are still few products left that I want to try. Thanks to the email updates I'm receiving from them. :)

I remember having my first post about Sample Room here. I think they already had 3 or 4 batch release of different samples as of this writing. I just chanced some of it. 

I hurriedly processed the order because I am afraid that if I refresh the page, the number of available stocks would be empty. It will be really sad and disappointing if that happens. Good thing, I'm early already because after 25 minutes, everything was out of stock. :)

The first product I picked is the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. My hand is screaming badly for some TLC. If you will notice in my NOTDs, my hands are a bit dry and it really needs some serious pampering. I hope this hand cream will help. ^_^
Sample size - 20ml (50 points)

Next is an eyeshadow and this one is a hit! It's the V&M Mineral Eyeshadow in HALO. I may not need an eyeshadow now but I can't say NO to V&M. I would love to experience this mineral makeup on my skin. :)
Sample size - 2.5 jar (20 points)

Lastly, I still got 30 points left and I was left with shampoo samples and a whitening soap. I'm not in need of whitening soap anymore 'cause I'm very loyal to one. I will blog about my whitening soap in a future post. Anyway, I ended up getting Neolia Olive Shampoo and Conditioner. I have some battles with my scalp during summertime or like now that the weather keeps on changing. Sometimes, it's okay and sometimes it's dry. I want to check if this hair care will be good enough for me. :)

Sample size - 2 sachets of shampoo and 2 sachets of conditioner (15 points)

For payment, you have different options as to what mode you would like to use. Be it paypal or credit card, over the counter banks or money transfers. You will be given instruction upon checkout on how to pay and needs to settle the amount for shipping within 24 hours. I'l settle mine tomorrow, first thing in the morning. ^_^

I know I might sound like I'm in a rush but I really do. haha.. I don't want to miss another chance with Sample Room. I would love to try their featured products and review about it here. :)

Have you tried ordering at Sample Room? What's your pick?? (~.o)))


  1. Try before u buy.. Tama!!! I love sampleroom too.I'm in my 3rd haul na nga po.

  2. been eyeing of subscribing to beauty boxes, is sample room worth it? :)

  3. sample room has really nice products :)


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