Gifts from Zhai and Uniqso! ♥

Good morning bellas and gents! I almost forgot to post about this because I am so busy with work and all. I received two packages from my sponsors last week and I just set them aside without opening or taking pictures of it. Both are international, one from Malaysia and the other one is from Singapore so I have to pay P40 per parcel for the postal mail fee. 

Let me introduce the first one that arrived which is from a trusted brand of contact lenses. Uniqso is a Malaysian brand that caters from nails related to beauty related, including circle lenses, false eyelashes, mascara, earrings and more to come. When I first received an email from the owner Lee Lee, I was really excited because I know the brand but I didn't get my hands on any of ts products simply because I thought that they only cater contact lenses. Since I don't wear contacts, I told her that I prefer reviewing a different beauty product instead, say nail polishes? She agreed

The gift was tightly and securely packed to avoid spills since it is a nail polish anyway. I remember receiving a nail polish as a gift and when I opened it, it was really a mess! Sure thing shops know how to secure their products for better customer satisfaction. 

I received a nail polish in green which is called Alice and a Hello Kitty nail sticker. Just in time for the new year's pantone color 'ayt? Will post a review of the polish sometime next week. I want my nails to rest first after my NOTD here. :)

Next is the gift from Zhai where I introduced the shop to you here. It's a Singapore brand which specializes in Bamboo clothing of the highest standard. It's really new to me that there's a shop that caters bamboo clothing and I didn't hesitate to post a shop introduction of it in my blog. It paid off! Zhai offered to give me these gifts. ^_^

They packed it in a really earth-friendly way. I just love this shop. Period! haha.. They asked me what color for the spaghetti top I'd prefer and I chose black. With the socks, they just gave it randomly.

Tips on how to take care of the clothing is included! Zhai is really one of the great shops I would recommend for clothing related purchases. They are earth friendly, caring, and responsible

I want to thank Uniqso and Zhai for these wonderful gifts. 'Tis still the season of gift-giving! Cheers! ♥ 


  1. Wow! Great blessings to start the year off. International sponsors!

  2. I really find Uniqlo products interesting. I have yet to get my loot from them, though. :) Will do so, one of these days. I just wish they would open in Makati, soon! :D

  3. I like the nail accessories.. cuteness- Singlemom Reviews

  4. So that is how a hello kitty nail art is done!

  5. It sure does make us feel so good to be receiving gifts and packages, right? :-)


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