Review: Pure Beauty Day Lotion and Night Cream

Hola everyone! How's everybody? It's been ages since my last decent post and review. My start of the year has been a whirlwind for me. It's really hard to discuss here so might as well skipped off that personal ordeal of mine. I'm still being positive though. 

Anyhoo, I already used the prize I got from Miss Celline which I posted here. Just in time since my Orange Collagen Line from Etude House was already empty. I was kind of lucky to receive a day cream and a night cream at the same time. Thanks to the joy of giveaways! ^_^

Pure Beauty is inspired by Korean skincare innovation, incorporating the finest natural ingredients and made possible by leading edge technology. They have created unique skincare products based on powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long-term results. All their products are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe and effective solutions that leave your skin looking healthier, softer and younger. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much on this product but since it's Korean inspired, I had second thoughts. It turned out to be good thoughts anyway! :)

I'm a fan of their Brightening Day Lotion. Actually, I can say that this is better than my Collagen line from Etude House before. This has SPF 15 and it will really add protective power to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. It will also leave your skin smooth and moisturized. ♥

This night cream helps combat pigmentation and dullness while you sleep. Your skin will experience a total brightening effect, and you will awaken to discover a reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated look. I prefer this because of it's fullness than the previous.I provided some photos for you to see the texture of the product.

This face lotion looks like milk in reality. When I'm using this, I need to be extra careful since I might spill it. I like the packaging though because it's very dainty. :)

Compare to the previous, this is actually thick and cream. I love this because whenever I woke up, I feel that I have nice skin. What is better than waking up feeling that you have great skin? This does the wonders! ♥

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Got it for FREE!
  • Dainty packaging.
  • It moisturizes heavily.
  • It makes the skin smooth.
  • It doesn't have the sticky feeling unlike other lotions and creams.
Nay! ()
  • Need to be extra careful with the Day Lotion 'cause it might spill.
  • It doesn't have whitening or anti-aging effect.
I actually thought at first that this skin care would have some whitening effect. I think I was too exposed to products in the market that always caters to whitening the skin. Also, it's because of the packaging in white that makes me think it has something to do with whitening. haha. What a lame observation! :p

That's my review for now. I'm on hunt for the next thing to review. Hmmm, what can you suggest? ^_^

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