Romwe's Flash Sale!

Again, on the third time around, Romwe is having it's flash sale on it's best sellers! Would you like your friends on Facebook know it as well? Click here and let's spread by clicking LIKE and SHARE. :)

Romwe first Flash Sale on Best Sellers
Up to 40% OFF
From 1/30/20132/01/2013

You can always visit their site at I already got my share of what to order for this flash sale. I'm eyeing the blue blouse that I can pair with my Romwe leggings. Also, did I mention they ship for free? :)

Also, I want to share a photo of how my day turned out today. I once again visited the Korean camp where I used to taught Korean students and saw my previous students and friends who came back and hugged me tight and wish me well. I surely miss them always! Love them all! ♥

Lots of LOVE! ♥

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