My Belle de Jour Power Planner!

Hola everyone! I was really expecting this to arrive yesterday or today! This planner is one of my wish list posted here. I longed to have this since last year but my sister got me a Starbucks planner instead. Since I can't find this in most bookstores because NBS and others don't have stocks left on this, I managed to load up my Gcash and purchased it online!

photo from BDJ
After 2 days, Mr. LBC man delivered the package straight to our doorstep. This is a gift for myself. I actually didn't got the chance to purchased something for myself for the holidays so I had this instead. Happy me! ^_^

The package arrived this morning. Good thing it's my off from work so I can open it and won't prolong my agony errr, excitement! :)

The moment I got the planner, my sister teased me for holding it for hours! Literally! haha. It was so cute in my eyes and very kikayish! However, the fact that I want to get hold on this planner is because of it's nice features, pages and tools that will motivate me to push myself and be more driven this year. It is also very flexible to all sorts of users.

The planner has 80 coupons to use from different partner establishments. Some are okay, some are quite expensive like for an instance, paying P3000 and getting P500 off. Well, what's expensive for me may not be expensive for you. :)

What I like about the planner are  Special Pages like the Wardrobe Checklist, Dream Board, Vacation Planner, Random Thoughts, Goal Setting, Menstrual Tracker, Special Events Tracker, Bill and Cash Flow Tracker and Health and Fitness Plan. They got great ideas in this planner!

BDJ Lifestyle Card was already included in the package that was sent to me. I am so excited to use the coupons and the card as well because if I can use half the coupons or 40 of it, I will have a planner for FREE on 2014. Sounds a good deal right? :) But I don't think I can use up 40 since I'm in the province and most of the partner establishments are in the Metro. :(

I already started scribbling on my very own Power Planner. I can say that I'm a certified 'bella' now! Yey! Can't wait for their BDJ Box for January. ^_^  ♥


  1. That is an interesting planner with tools incorporated to help every lady (and men) with their needs.

  2. I envy you! haha! This was on my Christmas wishlist but have never gotten one (yet)! I hope a good friend will buy it for me or if not, I'll just purchase one for myself. Happy New Year!

  3. I saw this at National Bookstore a week before Christmas, but I was bent on the Starbucks planner. A day after Christmas when I wanted it pala, it is not at NBS anymore. Sayang

  4. Congrats on your new BDJ planner. I wanted to buy one but the shipping will kill me. So hubby said that it'll be good to just buy a good one from here. Enjoy your writing up with it :)

  5. i remember getting one a couple of years ago and i was too excited. then i realized it was too big for my bag. lol. in 2012 i had the starbucks planner and now im using mommy mundo's. nde naman ako mahilig sa planner. hahaha

  6. Wow, this is really a planner for women... even including menstrual tracker!!! I really like it!

  7. i got a company planner, but seeing yours make we want that too.

  8. Yey! We have the same planner. It's my 2nd BDJ planner and I'm loving it to bits! :)

  9. Good for you! I have yet to purchase mine soon. :-)


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