FReSH makes Fragrance Shopping Affordable and Fun!

I love perfumes, colognes and anything about fragrances! However, I don't go easily with those signature scent that kills my budget nor the cheap ones that just leave unnoticeable smell that's not even worth spending money for. 

How can something that smells so sweet be so expensive? One of the most basic advantages of wearing perfume is simply, that is, it is good to smell and that it contributes to its most basic disadvantage, the better it smells, the more expensive it is. But I got myself covered. Thanks to FReSH! :)

Known as the "Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts", FReSH Fragrance Bar opens stores around the country. It offers reasonable prices compared to department stores, flexible payment schemes, perpetual promotions and loyalty program so you can easily afford the bottle you've been eyeing. 

FReSH currently has five retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Abreeza Mall Davao and more to come. For further information, you can visit their Facebook page HERE.

Choosing your scent shouldn't be rushed. Especially when you're young, you should take your time and experiment to find out which perfume works best for you! But I will be rushing over to it's branch in Marquee and purchase one soonest! How about you? ^_^


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