The Shop: AHAI Shopping

I finally found a match made in heaven. Last night, as I was browsing some online shops, I bumped into AHAI Shopping site and immediately fell in love with their pieces.

I always search for some good shops online and found AhaIshopping to be one of the few that meets my criteria. I always go for the nice pieces, affordable and hassle-free shipping. They got all three.

AhaIshopping, a women's clothing stores offers Korean street fashion women's clothing, dresses for women, coats, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, shoes, bags, etc. Special Offers Everyday! Only $9.99 & Free shipping worldwide!!! Cheap price and best clothes! You will really enjoy shopping here.

DISCLAIMER: Careful on shopping here. REALLY ADDICTING! Some of my top picks from the site. ^_^

  I love dresses and this one is totally kawaii.. :)

A top that can go to formal and even casual. :)

Kisses overload.

  Simple flats that can take me anywhere.

These are just some of the pieces I'm drooling for. What I like most is their EVERYDAY OFFER for only $9.99. It's really a huge steal!

I guarantee you, you will surely be addicted in this site. I do. I can't even stop adoring every single piece. What's your pick? ^o^


  1. Thanks for sharing another nice online fashion portal :)

  2. i also love this shop

  3. have you tried to purchase any of the items in the website?, if so, how long did it take to arrive? thanks.


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