Review: Etude House PK007 Eyeshadow

It's the last day before 2013 will take place. Earlier, we already did all the cleaning and a bit of preparation for the celebration of the new year! I am really feeling giddy and excited about how this new year will turn out! I hope it will be for the best! ^_^

I was cleaning up some of my things when my sister asked me about the eyeshadow I got that I was not using. It's from a Korean shop Etude House. I'm a fan of Etude House but I just totally forgot to (review and to) use this.

I bought this months ago and totally forgot all about it. I had tried few swatches though and tried it like 3-5 times and it just disappeared. I only found out about this few days ago when I was cleaning my other bags. Now thinking about my other bags, I found out that my very first expensive bag was stained all over! I don't know what happened with my Rebecca Minkoff! Now I am looking for someone who can repair it for me. Do you know anyone? I've heard about Bag Rx at Eastwood City, Libis and I want to give it a try! Do they give good results? I want to read a review from them. 

Moving on, since this eyeshadow was kept in my drawers, and was forgotten all along, I think I owe this blog a lot. It only means I'm way behind my posts! 

I like the packaging because it's really cute and the letters are embossed unlike others that were just printed. Those are easily erased unlike this one. This also has a pinkish shade. Light pink actually, which apparently not much to my liking.

Since some Korean products doesn't have the name, most of the time, it's just reflected on the item code. I like the shade of PK103 for blush-on on EH. This one's lighter but it's cute because it's glittery. 

Honestly, I'm not a fan of eyeshadow or maybe because I didn't know the trick on how to put one. I still need to practice my makeup skills so I could appreciate more what I'm doing. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Pretty packaging
  • The label's embossed and wasn't erased even after some time. 
  • It glittery making it more obvious when applied on.
  • Great for sensitive skin.
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • Very light pink.
That's just it! I like the product, it's just that I didn't got the chance of using it too much! Actually, I simply love Etude House eversince! I want to try their new products. Also, they have great marketing. Just getting Dara is so cool already but they have SHINEE as well! Wait! Did I mentioned that I'm a kpop fangirl at heart??? Love SHINEE to bits! ♥

I apologize for forgetting the price of this. I was not in my right mind when I purchased this making it hard for me to remember how much I got this one on store.

Price: Sorry! +_+ (I forgot how much)
AvailabilityWebsiteFacebook, Other Online Shops and EH on SM Malls


  1. I hope it is affordable.

  2. NO nothing about make ups. WIll show this post of yours to my wife :).

  3. I like the color! I am going to look for this nga at Etude

  4. Thanks for the review, i like this color :)

  5. Thank's for review.. XD this pink colours is so soft.. I like it.. XD


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