Review: Red Logo's Bliss Body Butter

Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas so far? Mine was a bit busy or should I say really productive because I made the most out of my off from work and spent some time with my loved ones. The sad part is, I'm not with Jaycee because he's in Laguna. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm still catching up with my backlogs because of my busy schedule. Here's another review and finally decided to finish it today before setting to work again tomorrow. It's the Bliss Body Butter from Red Logo. 

I got this as a prize few months ago when I joined a certain giveaway. I already forgot who sent it! (sorry T_T). Still, I'm really thankful to the host whenever I win in contest and giveaways! ^_^

Honestly, at first, I don't know the difference of body butter from lotion or body creams. When I did some research, most answer said that body butters are more thicker and richer than the latter two. I agree! After a couple of weeks of using the product, I've been aware of what beauty butter can do to my skin.

Body butters are nutrient dense creams used to hydrate the skin. Also, it moisturizes more than the regular lotions and creams. 

It comes in different types such as shea butter, cocoa butter, mango, kukui nut, among others. I  am most familiar with shea butter but I got nectarine blossom and honey for this product I'm reviewing.

For this product, I love how thick it is because I know that it moisturizes my skin really well. However, since it's really thick, I feel that my skin is heavy after applying it. I always wanted some lightweight products on my skin because I commute everyday before going to work and I don't want to feel 'sticky'. 

So what I did, I opted to use this product before going to sleep instead of using it in the morning and on some areas too that needs a lot of moisture like my heels, knees, elbows, etc. Look! Texture is really thick! ^_^

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Got it for FREE!
  • It moisturizes heavily. 
  • It helps rough skin areas becomes smooth.
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • Heavy feeling after the application.
  • So-so smell. (not good nor bad)
I'm currently using the last portion of it. I like it but I think I will find another body butter that I will like MOST. What can you recommend? Hmmm, I'm eyeing on shea butters. I hope I can find my match. :)

Price: FREE (no idea of how much)
Availability: Red Logo Stores or any direct sellers


  1. Love the name, hehe. Have you tried Human Nature? U love their body cream, doesn't leave you with a greasy or heavy feeling. It literally feels like your skin is having a drink! hehe :)

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