The Shop: UNIQSO's Year End Bonanza!

Do you always thought of buying contact lenses and circle lenses but they are pricey? No worries! Now UNIQSO have monthly promotion for you to get cheap contact lenses & circle lenses! 

UNIQSO's Year End Bonanza is BACK! 

1. Buy 1 get 1 FREE!

2. Buy 2 get 1 FREE!


4. Grab $9.80 per pair
Get circle lenses for this coming X'mas @$9.80  per pair only - Barbie Forest series. Promotion till 31st December.

PLUS, you can use my promo code "TETS" which will give you 10% discount. ^_^ 

Grab the opportunity to purchase contact and circle lenses at an affordable price plus discounts and gifts! You can also opt to order for a gift to your loved ones as well in their site for this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo ♥


  1. Cute lenses! I wish I could use a pair; I'm afraid they would look weird with my small eyes. -_-

  2. Cool!might try them. do they sell them in grades too? I wear contacts on a daily basis

  3. Would be cool to have different color eyes everyday :) I can't stand contact lenses though. Never got used to them.

  4. I wear contacts on a regular basis. Now a days the price has really gone down. Unlike before na medyo mahal. Now contacts are made affordable for everyone.

  5. i used to wear one until i got pretty tired of it. so i went back to the good ol' glasses. hehe tamad lang

  6. my cousin would love to have those lenses.. -Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  7. I'm anxious to wear contact lenses but when I see them on others, the transformation in their look is significant!

  8. That's a good deal already. I really need contact lenses. I'm so tried of using my eyeglasses.

  9. Good deals :) I like the contacts I think theyre cute. But aren't the bigger-sized contact lenses harmful or not?


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