Review: Why I Hate Airbrush Nail Design!

Happy Holidays everyone! I apologize for not posting much because I was seriously busy this season because of the stress the holiday brought. I need to finish shopping this and that and that! Good thing I don't have work yesterday and today. Anyway, I managed to get some photos of the products I wanted to review despite my busy schedule.

I've been a fan of nail polishes and stuff about nail art. I may not have posted my interest about nail products but I will try to do so as I continue my journey on this blog. Well, this post is about nail designs. 

The time my sister and I bought Airbrush Design was when she attended a wedding of a friend. She badly wanted to have something pretty and unique on her nails for the event so when we went to the department store, we were looking for nail art designs. That's where we saw this one. 

Actually, I was the one who encouraged her to try this product since it's my first time to lay eyes on this cute thing. I was exposed to nail arts yes, but not the type that you can D-I-Y.. So I insisted her to buy it, and she agreed!

Apart from the interest to try this one, I was so encouraged by the SL when she introduced the product. It's on 50% off and it was the current design in the market as what she said. I was sold! Or should I say I was hypnotized to buy the product! We bought it!

It is also indicated that it's PERFECT for LONG WEAR! That's the most convincing part since my sister mentioned that she wanted one that won't chip off easily. 

Detailed instructions were also provided. There's even a step-by-step process on how to do it with some photos. Take a look!

How to Apply: 
1. Apply glue to nail.
2. Apply glue to natural nail.
3. Press On.
4. Clean Up.

How to Remove:
1. Do not force or pull nails off.
2. Trim artificial nail and file surface to break through protective topcoat.
3. Soak nails in acetone-based nail polish remover until soft. Wipe off softened plastic and glue.

NOTE: Wear beyond 10 days is not recommended. 

From the outside, everything is already fine. However, when my sister used it, it became a mess! The reasons are the following:

1. The glue inside the package is not in good quality. It's already dry and even if you push it to the limit, no liquid will come off.

2. Nails are not in proper sizes. Even if you will file it, it's too brittle resulting to breaking and not being in proper shape.

3. Even if you will use a different type of glue, the nail comes off after a few minutes, making it hassle to wear/use because you need to paste it again every now and then!

My sister was really pissed off when she got home and gave me the details as to what happened with her experience with this thing! I was even pissed off myself because it seems like it's my fault that I dragged her to buy the product. 

Yay for me! (◕‿◕)
  • It has pretty design
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • Expensive for P560.00 (Good thing we bought it at 50% off!)
  • Glue inside is dry!
  • Too big even if it indicated medium-sized.
  • Nails are brittle making it hard to manage. 
  • Nail comes off after some minutes making it a bit of a hassle to use.
Good thing we had it at 50% off because if not, I will really be totally pissed off up to this day! I was a bit mad as of this typing because of my sister's review on this. It's even better if she just head over to a  salon for a quick manicure fix! Mianhe unnie! (I'm sorry sister) T_T

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Aside that it's expensive, it's also hard to use. I was thinking that maybe the product was a bit old or was just resting in Watsons shelves for years making it a huge fail. I hope the maker of this would try to do something about it.

Original Price: P560.00 
Discounted Price: P280.00
Availability: Watsons, Department Stores in SM Malls


  1. I've tried Sally Hansen's put on nails and it's the best so far. It comes in petite sizes so it fit perfectly on all my nails. It cost around AED 35 here. So estimated 350 to 400P over there. I'm fond of acrylic nails. Because I can't maintain a long nails. Mine is easily chipped off at the end.

    CE 12/18

  2. Haven't used that yet. Thanks for your review. :D


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