Haul: I'm the Member of the Month Winner!

I've been a fan of giveaways aside from blogging per se. I started joining contests and giveaways last year and whenever I have free time, I would always invest it in joining such contests. I have my share of ups and downs in joining. There are times that I won expensive stuff and sometimes I even won a pen. Whatever it may be, I'm always delighted! ^__^

Just last week, I discovered that I'm the winner of Miss Celline's member of the month giveaway! I always looked on her for reviews and such so I always have the passion in commenting back on her posts. She is actually one of the inspiration why I started to have this beauty blog and where I got the courage to do reviews too!

Without further ado, here's my share of winnings from Miss Celline's member of the month giveaway:

I received the prizes early this week when I got home from work and I opened it immediately so I didn't got the chance to take a photo of the parcel I received. I got a FREE HAUL in no time! :) I'll be making a review of these products soon when I got the time. 

Also, I already gave the vanity perfume to my dad because it didn't fit to my liking. The smell was just too strong for me. On the other hand, I'm loving the Acqua Bella from Penshoppe and I'll soon open the Pure Beauty products to give it a try.

Are you a fan of giveaways like I do? What's your recent winnings lately? Share here. 

Btw, thanks a bunch to Miss Celline for hosting the giveaway! I also have a giveaway where you can win FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS. Join HERE! ^__^

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