Review: Meg Rhythm’s Steam Eye Mask

I recently discovered this eye mask on IG and I thought that I need to try it because I ALWAYS have tired eyes. I am the type who loves sleeping but sleep doesn’t love me. I normally go to bed at 12 am or 1 am after putting baby to sleep and finishing all the household chores. Sometimes, even late. Then I would wake up at 5:30 or at most 6 am before going to work. I always feel that my eyes are dry, tired and giving up.

So upon knowing Meg’s Rhythm Steam Eye Mask, I immediately look for it at Watsons. My first try was a fail and I thought of just ordering it online but when I tried searching for it at again, they already have stock so I immediately purchased two. I bought this Chamomile Ginger scent and the Lavender Sage variant. Here are my thoughts on my newfound product.

It is in a carton pack and inside it, the mask itself is inside a plastic sheet. It really should be in a plastic container because it needs to seal the warmness of the mask inside. Each variant differs in color; green for chamomile, lavender for lavender scent and there’s another one which I forgot. The mask has ear straps which makes it easier to wear.

It retails at P74.00 but I saw Watsons selling it also in a box of 5. I think it is priced around 300. I actually thought at first that they’re selling it in boxes alone but upon asking the staff, they retail it.

At first, I was excited to try it because I think it will help to ease the tiredness of my eyes. As I used it, I was waiting for it to get warmer and warmer but it didn’t happen to the extent that I like. Yes, it was warm upon usage but I didn’t really feel that it relaxes my eyes the way I want it. I think I was more relaxed with the scent.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • I like the scent and the concept that it can relieve tiredness in the eyes.
  • Available in different variants.
  • Can be bought in boxes or individual packs.
  • The ear straps makes wearing easier..

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It didn’t had so much effect on me. I still felt the tiredness in my eyes.

Price: P74.00 each
Bought from: Watsons
Size: 1 piece

Overall, I am not repurchasing. I tried the lavender one too and got the same result. The warm effect didn't do much on my eyes. I actually felt sad that it didn't made an impact on me. Maybe I am just looking for more warmness.

I guess I'll stick to those cooling mask instead. Or if there will be warmer mask, I would like to try that as well. But for this, I'll give it a pass.

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