Honestbee has got you covered this rainy season

We all know that the rainy weather could be such as hassle – floods, getting your clothes and shoes soaked, and the occassional thunder and lightning. It’s at times like these when you wish there was a way to go to the grocery store or grab a bite from your favorite restaurant without having to leave the house and get wet. 

If you haven’t heard of Honestbee, you are missing out. It is a food and grocery delivery app that helps you satisfy your cravings and fill your pantry by bringing your orders straight to your doorsteps. Apps likes these make our lives easier as it saves you time and energy that could be used elsewhere. 

Ordering from Honestbee is quick and easy because their app is very user-friendly as everything is organized and put into categories. You could choose between their food or grocery services and from there, select a store you want to order from. From supermarkets, to restaurants, cafés, and small local businesses; you’re bound to find a store you love. 

Once your order is complete, their trained concierge will be on their way to pick up your items. As if they were shopping for themselves, they would hand-pick the freshest produce, unexpired canned goods, and the tastiest food. In a short while, you will receive these items nicely packed and with a warm smile from the delivery bees. 

Newbies get a discount on their first order and Honestbee constantly has new promo codes and offers you can’t pass up. Download the app now and see what the buzz is about. They’ve got you covered this rainy season. 

You can visit and download the app at:


For IOS:

For Android:

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