Review: Baby Foot Mask

I have been a mask lover. Since I started this blog years ago, my passion was really to test out new products in the market, especially skincare. Even before, I remember my favorite item to review would always be masks. Be it sheet mask, wash off, peel off, among others. I also get to discover different types of mask even for hands and feet.

I discovered foot mask as I was trying on different products and I came across Baby Foot. It was Project Vanity's 10th year anniversary when I got the chance to attend the event and received this product for free. I just did one of their activities in the said event and got this in return. Baby Foot is a Japanese foot mask brand which goal is to remove hard skin, leaving soft and smooth feet. It retails at around P800 each.  Good thing I was able to get it there and experience it because it's pretty expensive and I'm sure the thrifty side in me would not dare repurchase such amount for a foot mask. 

It is not my first time to try a foot mask. I already have some fair share of reviews of different foot masks. So far, this is the most expensive I have tried and I thought it differs on some aspect.
In a box, there's one pair of foot mask. I actually thought there were a lot because it's a box. Before, I have only tried foot masks in packs that's why I though the box would contain a number of masks. In the box, there were Japanese characters that I couldn't understand but there is a mark or logo of that number 1 thing. I have watch in a YT review before that Japanese products which have this #1 logo means that the product is a good buy, bestseller of the most sought item by the customers.
Also, Japanese characters were present on the different parts of the packaging and I can't understand a thing. HAHA.

FIT - I think this one has a great fit because I've tried previous brands and they were too short nor too long for me. Some doesn't even have the tape to bind the excess part of the sock.
SCENT - There's no particular scent when I opened the box. But I can say that it is so much full of essence that it's calming and comforting to put it on.
PRICE - I got it for free but upon checking it retails around P700-800 in some stores like Beauty Bar.
EFFECT - There is no particular effect after using it. The peeling started around 5-7 days after soaking the feet on the essence. I am amazed by the effect that it really peels great amount of skin. However, I think the peeling took a little long. I feel that going barefoot at home with the friction of touching the floor with my feet skin somehow created an impact while its peeling. At first, it started peeling very light and after going barefoot, it started to peel big chunks of skin. Just my thought tho!
Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE during the Project Vanity 10th Year Anniversary.
  • Effectively peels off the skin after 5-7 days.
  • Calming and comforting.
  • Moisturizing. Even if it peels off, it does not dry the skin.
  • Baby-soft skin after.
  • Even if it's written in Japanese characters, steps to use it is not a problem because there are photos explaining what to do. I am actually not quite sure if there's an English translation on the direction to use. Used this for a little long time already but just got time to review today.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Expensive for me. 
  • Only available at selected beauty stores.
Price: P700-800 
Bought from: Beauty Bar and other selected stores
Size: 1 pair

I like it yes, but I still feel it's a little expensive. I have tried other foot mask and they peel as well. I think each kind has different time frames in peeling. But they all have the same effect.
So if I would purchase, I guess not. If it's on sale, I might still think twice. I am using a P100 foot mask and it works great as well. So I think the answer would still be a no.
Have you tried this one? What are your thoughts?

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