Nail and Accessories Haul. ^o^

Hi ladies and gents! As promised, I will be posting the insides of the parcels I received last time which I posted here. I know this came a little late already because I was out for the whole week and now's the perfect time in doing backlogs. haha. :)

Most of the parcels I received mainly consists of nail art tools. There's a sling bag and two sunglasses as well but it's not included in the photo anymore because I gave it to my dad and to my stepmom as her birthday gift. I'm such a generous daughter! hehe. ^o^

It's a good thing I chanced upon this when I checked on Romwe's website. Whenever I visit them, I only check the clothing section and not the Other section. his is included in the latter. I almost missed these! T_T

I got some Nail Art Stickers. These little gems provide big glamour. It's dazzling 3D effect make the ultimate statement for the on-the-go fashionistas. Wearable as full cover or accent pieces. I got 12 packs with assorted designs which means there is a style for any occasion! 

There's also Caviar Nail Art Micro Beads. I always see this to other nail art enthusiasts but I didn't got the chance to make it on my own nails. Now that I have the product, I only need some time to do it. I hope to make it soon! :)

Another one is the Velvet Nails Manicure Kit. It's a great conversation starter at holiday parties and the perfect mixture of subtle and edgy. The luxe texture plus vibrant and deep hues will match the rich fabrics of your attire. This is definitely a must for those nail fashionistas! 

I also got a 3D Nail art Pen Set. One thing that Barbie has going for her is her never-ending wardrobe. One day she wants to dress like a princess. The next, she's the female version of Mark Todd. Your wardrobe might not be as vast as Barbie's, but that doesn't mean you can't be up there on the ever-changing face of cutting-edge fashion. Create your own designs on finger or toenails.The cap has a special pin built into it to clear the nib in case of blockages.

Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance to get my own set of Makeup Brush. It's a set of 4 pieces makeup brush. It has soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and it has handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules. Compact and highly portable with cosmetic bags made from cotton and hemp blend materials. Highly recommended by beauty bloggers. It also has a reusable storage pouch. It's very easy and convenient to carry. The set includes: Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Body Kabuki. t comes with a cosmetic bag.

That's it for my recent hauls. I also got some accessories from different sponsors because I worked on a post for them. Plus the $4.99 SALE on Romwe's accessories was included here too. Take a peek! :)

I hope to find time incorporating all of these accessories on my future OOTD post. If only.... *sigh*

That's it! I wanna try those nail tools and design already. Let me see if I can give time on it tomorrow. I hope. :)

Any hauls lately? What did you got? Share it here. ^o^


  1. Ang dami dami dami mong goodies! So exciting to open a parcel and know that you'll love everything in it. Can't wait to see what you'll do with these. :)

    1. Yep, I always get giddy whenever I receive parcels. :)

  2. you have lots of nail accessories. I just have few in my kit and most of them are just nail polish. I hope to see more of that featured in any of your posts here...

    God Bless

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you use them and posting about it. I am interested in nailart but I'm looking for things easy to apply or stick, or perhaps wait for a professional to use them on me. I should check out that shopping site.

  4. Wow! All those nail art chorva! Havent tried the stickers. Masubukan nga. And the necklaces! (and dami kong exclamation points.hehe)

  5. I love these loot! Pengeee hehehe

  6. Hmmm...nice to hear that you're happy with your goodies. Hope to see you wearing those pretty accessories.

  7. Nice! for sure if ever I get one of the stuff above, wifey will love it to the max!

  8. Wow! I'm very much excited to see you with these glam accessories.

  9. wow! that's quite a haul. must be fun using those tools :)

  10. Ang cute naman! Please post the nail art you've done. I'd love to see them! :)

  11. wow! daming goodies, i love the nail accessories!!

  12. super ganda ng mga nail accesories :) yung mga brushes supwe like ko din :)

  13. nice haul!! kainggit much. hehehe :)


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