Gifts from China, Courtesy of LookChem

Hello everyone! How was your week? OMG! I miss my blog sooooo much! I was out for the whole week because of the K-12 mass seminar for Grade 8 teachers which I attended at University of the Assumption (CSFP) and everything was so busy so I wasn't able to attend to my blog. Now that it's the weekend, I am a little free to post some backlogs I have from the past weeks.

Remember my post regarding my parcels here? The one in the LBC package was sent directly from China courtesy of LookChem. LookChem is a famed name of virtual marketplace of chemical products. With thousands of industry professional from around the world, LookChem helps thousands of chemicals exporters find their overseas customers. Eileen of LookChem emailed me asking to create a post about them and in return, they will sent out beautiful gifts plus free shipping. Who can say no with an offer like that, right? She made it even better when she offer to send all 3 products if I can link-up their site in all of my blogs. Amazing!!! :)

I received all three items: the brocade mouse pad, pen and bookmark suit, and the card holder. I am fortunate enough that Eileen offered to send all three. Thanks Eileen. :)

First is the Brocade Mouse Pad. Brocade is the outstanding representative of Chinese excellent traditional culture. It is named like this because it looks like the rosy clouds in the sky. It looks like a dragon to me. haha. :)

Next is the Pen and Bookmark Suit. Blue-and-white porcelain pen and bookmark suit has a very fine workmanship and elegant appearance. This dedicated suit aims to convey a strong Chinese cultural connotation to anyone who will use it.

Last is the Card holder with Peking Opera Style. It’s not just a holder of cards but a good decoration as well and it is highly-designed. It's really so cool for me! I love all of it's details.

If you noticed, all the items above have very intricate details. I adore these kind of crafts because it only means that the one who worked on it gave their very best to create such a piece of art. I just love everything! I am planning to use both pen and card holder when classes starts this June. For the mouse pad, I think it will be better to use it at home. ^o^

Any new finds lately? Do you have the same items above? Share it here! ♥


  1. yup,,, that's the exact word ~ elegance...... i love them!!!! especially the golden card holder and the mousepad..... w/ the certificate LOL

  2. Lovey things you got there! I want that mouse pad, too! :) I will blog about my new finds soon. ;) Thanks for the inspiration.


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