Bath and Body Haul

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Me? I am already busy cleaning the classroom assigned to me, double-checking the schedule that our head teacher did and preparing some formal outfits since my uniform will be available on the third week of June. 

I also clean the room earlier and tomorrow I will be mopping the floor and will do some waxing. Teacher turned into janitress eh?! haha. Being in a public school without janitors is already common so I'll just have to accept that fact. Anyway, after my time in school, I had lunch with Jaycee. He had to go back again to work and since I already finished around lunchtime, I agree to wait for him until 5pm. You can leave me anywhere and I can wait for you the whole day as long as I am doing something. That's me. So while wondering around the mall and even outside the mall, I bought thrifted shoes for Monday while waiting for the Boccalo shoes I am eyeing for at the department store. I also went to the salon to have my hair trim and then I saw Watsons. I can't leave the store without buying anything. Here's a quick haul I got.

When I got my hair trimmed at the salon earlier, the stylist asked if I want to go for a hair rebond. Since I have virgin hair, I did not accept the offer. One of the reason is, it's also beyond my budget. haha. He offered to add Vitamin E instead on my hair because it's obviously dry. I said yes instead. When I went out of the salon,I immediately planned to buy Vitamin E at Watsons.

Bought this for P55.00 only. So instead of going to the salon just for the vitamins, I got one from Ellips. I will try if this will be worth then I'll make a review. :)

I also need to be seriously pampered so I bought foot scrub (P79.00) so I can do it alone at home than pay expensive rates at the salon. I will create a DIY Footspa post soon. ^_^

I also bought something cute which is a hand glove (P26.75) for scrubbing purposes. I hope this will not be the reason for my longer stay in the shower room.

Apart from bath item hauls, I also discovered a new brand of nail polish which is very cheap and looks nice. It's Color Trends. I bought three colors: white, mango yellow and raspberry pink. It's only for P19.75 each.

Just a very quick post on something I had today. What's keeping you busy lately? ^_^


  1. Pampering yourself is wonderful, especially before work starts. The foot-shaped bottle of foot scrub is so cute!

  2. I've been busy teaching the kids as they were having their exams this month. Now that it is over and the results are out.. am busy packing for our upcoming holiday:)

  3. I will try the Vitamin E too. I hope you can post also if it's effective. You are a teacher pala sis. Ngayon ko lang nalaman. Your job is not really easy. I am homeschooling my son and I find it difficult already what more if I am handling more children. What level are you teaching pala?

  4. You're a teacher pala, Tet? Nice! And I'm looking forward to your reviews. Gusto ko rin nung hair vitamins. :-)

  5. i want to try the foot scrub :)

  6. What a cute blog post... I love the packaging of the foot scrub ^_^ very unique and eye catching!


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