My Mini Haul

If you will notice, I have several hauls lately, this one and this one. Apart from that, I even used up $100+ last week with my online shopping purchases. With lots of 'S'. Oh good Lord, help me to control my spending!! All of them are actually quick beauty hauls and fashion stuff. I'm such an impulsive buyer! Well, my mindset is to invest on different beauty products and fashion pieces because I know that I will be terribly busy once the school year starts and I may not have time to shop. (Reasons! haha) I'm thinking that this is already a reward before starting on school work again. 

Jaycee and I had a quick lunch date the other day. That's the time I bought these items. I first went to Bench to check on Charcoal Cleaning Strip (P22.00). I have whiteheads and blackheads problems so I need this. I will try to post a review of this soon. Also, I got this So In Love Moisturizing Lotion (P55.00) and I thought of pampering my skin with a little scent. I own a huge bottle of lotion but having this is different. It leaves a feminine feel on my skin. I tried the tester and I would love to use this. :)

Next are the items I bought at hbc. I'm a fan of their products because they're affordable and some items contain vitamins which are somehow good for the skin. Plus, I badly need a new mascara so I diligently purchased one San San Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara (P115.00) with a P17.00 discount and a San San Sea Green nail polish (again) for P37.00. Oh what a nail polish junkie I am! ♥

I also decided to register as a member so I can gain points in exchange for perks and privileges. I hope hbc has lots of promos. I will definitely exercise my right to be a member then. ^o^

Any hauls lately? Share please. xoxo. ^o^


  1. Naku, you'll be the prettiest in the faculty room I'm sure.

  2. Hi sis! What BB cream can you recommend? Actually I bough Maybelline BB Cream na but still if you can recommend affordable yet very effective one then much better, hehe. Anyway, I love the color of the nail polish. Ang lamig sa mata.

    1. It really depends sis. You may or may not be hiyang to some. I'm currently using TFS right now, the purple one which works best for me though it's kinda expensive for P1,500 kasi big tube na un. If you want, you can try Lovely Me:ex BB cream at The Face Shop for P350. It's lightweight and almost has the same effect with my current BB. I also read Ponds BB cream is nice though I haven't tried it yet. Etude works fine as well. Almost like the purplish BB cream from TFS. :)

  3. i always forget to post my hauls.. hehe but thanks for reminding.. hehe i hope i can post it the soonest! :)

  4. I'll try Bench's Clearpore when I chance upon it. I also have blackheads kasi. So far, no hauls for me. I rarely invest on cosmetics kasi. They just get wasted on me because I forget to use them after a time.

  5. i like the shade of your nail polish. So summer :)

  6. I used to have lots of hauls too, until my teenage daughter started raiding my hauls haha. Those are good buys though :)

  7. That nail polish color is perfect for spring!!!
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3

  8. Those are good buys considering na okay naman yung prices. You deserve to have these at times. As for me, I'm not much into cosmetics kasi. I just put on BB cream that I bought from Bangkok or yung cream face powder na white skin ang brand. Hiyang ko kasi yun. Tapos lipsticks and eyeliner. That's it. I don't have a luxury of time to put on make up kasi. :)

  9. super bango ng smell ng bench lotion na yan :)


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