Where to Buy Clothes for Your Guy?

Remember my post on cute apparels here? I fell in love with eFoxcity.com website at first glance. Now I'm sharing some new finds to consider for my boyfriend's birthday soon! Even if it's still on July. ^o^

I owe my boo a lot. He's very understanding and very supportive in whatever I do. Even if he's tired, I never heard any complain from him. It always shows in his actions the love and care he's giving me. So I thought, if I can only give him the best on his day, it would be really nice. ♥

I'm thinking of giving him a lot of cute gifts. I won't mention it here because it may not be a surprise anymore if he read this post. I'm considering to give him tees anyway because he is a tee kind of guy. I remember that eFoxcity.com is selling wholesale men's clothing and I want to see if there will be something that will suit him. :)

I think he will look cool in blue, only if this is darker. Or perhaps the red one? What do you think? :)

I want to see him wearing V-neck but I'm not sure if he wants it. Might as well give it a try. I feel that he will look 'macho' on this. haha. 

Cute eh? Wonder if he will like this. Hmmm. Perhaps, the One Piece will do since it's one of his anime faves. ^_^

If you're looking for men's dress shirts, you can try eFoxcity.com's website. They are also offering men's jeans. The have both men and women apparel so it's more convenient to shop. Plus very affordable pieces too! 

What do you think of my picks? Any suggestions? It's always welcome so share it here. I want to hear from you. ♥


  1. Have you tried shopping there? Are there something for rockers? Hubby is a rocker kasi! :)

  2. Is there any good outfit for a cool dad? I'll definitely convince my wife to buy me something from there. Hahaha! Cool gift this Fathers' Day... hopefully.

  3. I like the first one..with light blue. It looks cool.

  4. I'll try to check on this one..baka may magustuhan ako..hehehe


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