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Yesterday, Jaycee called me if I can join him for a quick lunch date. Since I am not doing anything, I immediately said yes to my beau. His schedule is crazy that's why we both need to adjust as to when he or I am available.

After the lunch date, he hurriedly went back to Camp Olivas and I window shopped. I bought something from Bench, HBC and 7-11. I will try to make a separate post for my beauty hauls from the first two stores. It was terribly hot yesterday and I decided to dropped by at a 7-11 tore to buy something to drink. Good thing I did. I finally found SAPPE for the first time!

SAPPE is actually a beauty drink that is healthy and targets our body needs. I've been searching far and wide for this but every 7-11 store I visited don't have this when I'm looking for one. Only until yesterday. :)

Normally our body can productively generate Collagen by itself until the age around 30, and then the production rate gradually declines and causes the skin to loose its moisture. In order to maintain the skin's moisture and avoid skin shrinkage and wrinkles, it becomes necessary to substitute the self-generated Collagen by the intake of extracted Collagen - generally from chicken skin, pig tendon, cow tendon or fish scale. The source of high quality and highly effective Collagen that is SAPPE Beauti Drink which contains 1,000 mg of extracted Collagen from deep sea fish!

So if you feel like wanting your skin to glow and stand out, stock up on SAPPE Collagen Drink. They also have another variant in green which is Fibre and aids on better digestion. Each bottle cost P35.00. Kinda expensive though because if you would really want to see if it has effect on your skin, you need to continuously drink one to two bottles a day. I'm actually thinking about it. ^o^

Have you tried this too? What are your thoughts? Please share.
It's past 1:33am so I need to bid adieu. Until my next post. xoxo ♥

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  1. very interesting drink. something different for skin care. i wonder how it tastes like...


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