Event: Where's Marcel? Grand Opening (With a Little Disappointment)

Where's Marcel?, a coffee shop which started from Melbourne and has two branches in PH, recently opened another branch here in San Fernando, Pampanga. Providing the customers with the fresh and exciting Melbourne experience, Where's Marcel? delivers a completely different take on coffee with fresh style food selection. 

The newly-opened coffee shop partnered with Best Western as it's situated on the ground floor of the said hotel. The hotel will soon open this coming July. 

The opening was successfully graced by people from media, influencers and the regular customers who are very excited with the branch' opening. 

Here are some photos of the event. 

The event was a success overall, but what's disappointing with it was that their complimentary coffee and snack weren't given to us because we passed the 3pm mark of the program. Their reason was that they can only give the drinks until 3pm. Most of my friends arrived at around 4pm. We still took photos so we finished late. When we were about to get the complimentary drinks, the staff informed us that they cannot give the coffee anymore as we were late. We just hope next time, brands and companies will take note of things like this. I don't know how they can't provide us some drinks when in the first place, the event started late and they should have considered it since it's their opening day. Also, how can we even review the coffee if we didn't got to taste it? 

With what happened, I don't encourage much of my friends to try the coffee shop because for one, the treatment isn't that great and also, I don't have any idea how it tasted in the first place. Don't get me wrong. I can buy my own cup but going there after work and investing my time and effort isn't easy-peasy at all. I don't think it will hurt their company if they can provide just a mere drink to people who invest their time and energy in promoting their product. To think that two of my blogger friends had half-day at work just to attend their event. They agreed when they were informed that it's okay to be late so they should have considered that. I think this is one of the #sorrynotsosorry moment Where's Marcel? 👎

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