Food Getaway: Big Bob Burger

Are you a burger fan? I am not really into buns and patties but whenever there's a good one in town, I make sure that I pay a visit to that place. Here's another burger joint that you can visit along Golangco in Guagua, Pampanga. 

Big Bob Burger started with the idea to service customers with different kinds of burgers. They discovered that colored buns were a hit recently so they copied that concept and they are the few ones who started it here in the province. Nothing to worry though because it is just plain coloring to make their burgers stand out. 

The restaurant's exterior caught my eye as they have bike outside the place. It is also clean and spotless. Maybe because there isn't much customers when we went there which makes the place clean. 

The resto is a self-service place where have to get your own utensils, condiments and hand guards. I like that they have hand guards to ease chowing down the burger. I would prefer tthat over fork and knife.

They served us their bestsellers and their different variety of burgers from their menu. The beefy nachos is my favorite among all the items in the menu. I also like the flavor of their hot and spicy chicken wings. 

Beefy Nachos - P150.00

Chicken Wings Hot & Spicy - P130.00

They also served very colorful drinks in their mason jars. As for the burgers, I like the patties better than the buns. I feel that the bun has something more to improve on. 

Assorted Drinks

Grupo Fries (Cheese) - P100.00

DQCB (Double Quarter Cheese Burger) - P145.00

CBMB (Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger) - P100.00

GPB (Grilled Pineapple Burger) - P90.00

BBB (Big Bob Burger) Classic - P180.00

Big Bob Burger Staff

Big Bob Burger Staff with PDI (Pampanga Digital Influencers)

It's my first time to visit the place and as a first-timer, I appreciate what they have to offer. I'm glad that there are hand guards ready in case you wanted to use hands instead of the usual fork and knife while finishing your burger. Unlike in other burger places I visited, they don't have this option available. I think they are the first around the area with this concept. 

As for the food, I hope they will have more varieties on their burger but I like their BBB Classic  the most. Also, it would be great if the buns will be something from their own recipe. There's a little hint of after taste on the bread which isn't good to compliment the tasty patties. 

Resto Name: Big Bob Burger
Address: Golangco, Guagua Pampanga
Type of Food: Burger Resto
WIFI: None. 

I'm recommending this place to all burger junkies. If you want something different than your usual burger places, you can try visiting Big Bob Burger in Guagua. They also have two branches at Florida and their goal is to expand more on San Fernando and hopefully Angeles. 

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