Food Getaway:Tabehoudai

When all you want to do is to chow down on unlimited choice of Japanese food, then I suggest you go to Tabehoudai. Their buffet is simply worthy for P550.00 - no additional fees hidden. They do not even have a service charge which is an added point especially when you want every penny that will come out from your pocket be fully worth it.

We went there without any occasion. I know they have birthday promos but we didn't went there to grab the free treat. We just agreed to try the resto since it's been ages that we always suggest to come down the place. We only got the chance to visit few months ago. Only that I had no time in creating a blog post for it.

So to cover up my own lame excuse, here are the photos I took when we last dine at Tabehoudai. I had a difficult time in getting photos as there are so many people and for me, I know these photos are not blog post-worthy. Still, let me share it with my readers to have an idea on what food thy are serving.

If you have seen my Vikings post, you will notice that there are no labels in each station. Also, there are limited and few drinks. I also noticed that their food didn't tasted fully authentic. I may not be great when it comes to different flavors especially Japanese, but I somehow can distinguish ordinary dishes' taste. I am wishing that their food was purely authentic so there was a little disappointment when I tried them. But overall, they have good food. 

To be honest, I didn't enjoyed staying there much because baby was also difficult to manage hence I didn't ate well. But for the price, I think it's worth the food and the experience. I like that there are no hidden fees unlike others. Also, please give them a call for reservation because most of the time, they are full. 

Resto Name: Tabehoudai
Address: McArthur Hway, San Agustin, Pampanga
Type of Food: Japanese 
WIFI: None
Tel Nos. +63454551300/ 09985761540/ 09153981876

Overall, I would love to return there again and enjoy the dishes one more time. This time, baby is a bit bigger and he loves to eat whenever there's someone who can get to eat with him. I only served him fruits and veggies though. I think it will be bearable to go there with him and just keep him busy while all of us eat. Too sad I wasn't able to enjoy a buffet on my birthday. Tabehoudai would be a great place if ever. 

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