Review: Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector

I am privileged to receive the whole range of Dove's newest Ultimate Repair line from The Beauty Junkee's group. When Miss Martha gave us the chance to join when she mentioned that there will be some beshies who'll get the chance to review the products, I immediately signed up because for a mom who experienced dark pits during her pregnancy days, this is a must for me! 

I was lucky and happy that I was picked because I get to try the newest line and to finally get the chance for my pits to achieve lighter and brighter days. ๐Ÿ˜„

I will be all honest here. I really have issues with my pits. Especially when I gave birth with my second child, I felt that my pits didn't went back to how it looked before. During my first child, I also experienced my underarms to darken but it went back on how it looked like before I got pregnant.  I've tried a lot of products but to no effect! 

Since then, I just started using tawas because I felt that the more product I put, the more it darkens. So when this opportunity of reviewing Dove came, I didn't hesitate because I know I can give honest feedback. 

PACKAGING - Received the products in a paper bag where the Dove label was pasted and tied with a ribbon. I loved it! No plastic and bubble wrap whatsoever. I actually prefer packaging without plastics and Dove stepped up with their packaging. 


As for the packaging of the products, I fell in love. I like the pastel colors and how easy and light the design on all the products, be it the roll on, stick and the spray. Who wouldn't fell in love, right? 

KEY INGREDIENTS - The key ingredient in this Dove line is Niacinamide. My skin really loved that ingredient. I have a lot of skincare products with Niacinamide and my skin reacts positively to it. It's great in minimizing lines and wrinkles and since my pits has those tiny, little folds, I noticed that the products helped diminished it. 

SCENT - I love the scent of both the Fresh Lily and Soothing Jasmine. They have this subtle scent of flowers.

EFFECT - Among the three products, I really love the spray. It's so convenient and I can easily slip on my shirt or blouse after applying it as I don't need to wait  for it to dry unlike the roll-ons. But the scent of the roll-ons linger more on my skin which I love. It's also a breeze to apply the stick and I love that there is an embossed logo in it. Sooo cute! 

When I applied these, no bad odors throughout the day despite of all the sweating and even while working out. It also leave my underarms dry through the day and no bad odor as well. Plus it gave my pits a brighter effect which I noticed after two weeks of use. Even the lines on my pits were diminished. What more if I continue using these all throughout, right?! I'm sure the effect will be great. This entire line is surely a must have! 

All the products; the roll-ons, stick and spray don't leave white marks on dark clothes which is totall huge turn on. 

Overall, I totally love this line. I highly recommended this to all those who want to experience whiter, brighter and good-looking underarms. 

Be ultimately free now, with Dove! 


  1. Yes maam!! I really recommended bukod sa maganda sya e mabango pa. At di lang yun super afford ba๐Ÿงก talagang dabest to. Mapashampoo, sabon and our underarm✨

  2. Talagang very recommended itong products na ito. Ang ganda pa ng packaging nito and true momsh ang cute din ng logo. I am a dove user and gustong gusto ko yung shampoo nila ang ganda sa hair and talagang napapa smooth nya ito. Also pati ung soap nila good to use. Ang gaganda ng mga ingredients na meron ang dove kaya talagang worth it to buy ❤️๐Ÿฅฐ

  3. Having lighter and brighter pits is really big deal. It helps a lot in boosting our confident. Lucky for you to receive the whole range of Dove's newest Ultimate Repair line from the Beauty Junkee's group. The product seems to be really effective and amazingm I wanted to try it out too.

  4. I'm a dove user as well. I love that they new product which can help us with our skin problems. Ultimate Repair line is a must try, I like that they use eco friendly packaging. I like the packaging of the product as well. I am glad that it is effective and really helps our pits be lighter and brighter. Personally I want to try the spray.

  5. Iba po talaga ang Ganda ng Product na to From Dove, MapaLotion, Spray, Shampoo Or Anything, Talagang Makikita Mo yung Ganda Ng Result At Bango sa Katawan ... Proven and Tested Mula Noon hanggang Ngayon, Sobrang Ganda Niya Po talaga Gamitin, napaka Smooth sa Skin at Mabango sa Katawan .. sulit na sulit, this is defenitly Recommended.. Because Of This Product, mas Magiging Confident na Tayo To show The Beauty of Our Skin ❤๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  6. Napakagandang Product po talaga nitong Dove, dahil subok napo namin ito at ginagamit din po namin Ngayon ito.. Actually gamit ko din po dove conditioner and Soap.. Napakaganda din po kasi nito sa buhok at Skin. Kaya never na talaga ako nag palit ng Ibang brand. Bukod pa dun napaka bango pa nito. Worth it to buy po talaga and Highly recommended.

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