Unusual Wedding Fashion Trends of 2015

Wedding fashion is not steady. Fantasies and ideas of the designers are so diverse that even the pickiest critic will find a dress model to his own taste.

We offer you to pay your attention to these unusual wedding fashion trends of 2015. 
  • The main decorative elements on the skirts are the embroidery, frills and handmade lace;
  • In 2015, the sophistication is highly fashionable. This effect is achieved by the help of color: olive, ecru and silver one.
  • All flower ornaments and all shades of blue are both very popular.
  • Unusual wedding dresses in red are another designers’ specialty of this year. The tendency lets you use various shades: scarlet, claret, vinous and other color variations.
  •  “Dreamlike” wedding attires: the brides of 2015 transform into nymphs, mermaids and princesses. Such dresses are richly decorated by lace and embroidery.
  • The spherical dress fashion.  
  • Modern view on the elegant classics of the wedding dress: dress-cases made of silk.
  • A separate tendency here are the strapless dresses but with an original sleeve shape: pelerines and cup sleeves. The cheap camo wedding dresses and casual camo wedding dresses are also among those because they look original too.
  • A dress with a plume will not lose its relevance in 2015 as well. The plume is a decorative element to complete the dress fashions like “fish” or “pencil dress”.
  • We must also pay special attention to the traditional wedding fineries in the Empire style, equipped with a high bodice and a classical A-shape silhouette which actually are both universal and will make a girl of any body type look beautiful and stylish.   
  • The 1960s have made a deep impact on the wedding collections of 2015. One can distinguish 2 variants of retro style wedding attires: silhouette in trapezoid shape (with a maximum length till the knee), and a short fluffy dress completed by a dense tight bodice (like a corsetThis retro style attire is supplemented by the high heeled pumps (black or beige ones); the stocking boots will be an alternative. A hair rim (may it be with a flower) will be also very appropriate here. The makeup should make an accent on eyes (the peculiarities of 1960s are black arrows and bright rouge).
The range of wedding dresses is great, and a bride should choose the finery she will look irresistible in. And the most important thing is to feel well and comfortable in your wedding dress.

The 2015 brought a lot on new ideas into the fashion world but also kept many good old traditions.  

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